With 6600 standard products, the plastic fastener range is the broadest and most diverse of Bülte's product families.
Plastic nylon fasteners are a part of our core business. It provides an excellent alternative to metal fasteners: it is light, strong, and has a high insulating capacity, so it can adapt to all situations.

* According to size and manufacturing process, you can order screws in various materials, such as: PVDF, PTFE, hard PVC, PP, PE, POM, PAFV, etc.

Our plastic screws are made from various types of plastic. They are mostly used in situations where corrosion resistance, insulation or low weight are required. The plastic screws are versatile and are used in areas such as electronics, construction and the automotive industry. Thanks to their easy handling and mouldability, plastic screws offer an alternative solution to conventional metal screws.

We offer a wide range of plastic screws with over 6,500 standard items in sizes from M 2 - M 24 with a maximum length of 150 mm. We also offer the right screw connection for each screw. Our plastic nuts and plastic washers are also available in our product range. If you require a customised solution based on a drawing, you can also contact us at any time.

Plastic screws are available in many different materials, have established themselves as extremely versatile fastening elements and are used in numerous applications in various industries. Their unique properties make plastic screws a favoured choice in certain situations.

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