Bülte Plastics is specialized in the designing and production of plastic protections parts, plastic and plastometal fasteners.

For 65 years, our teams have been supporting our customers in their perpetual changing markets by offering our experience and expertise.

The company offers more than 30,000 references in plastic hardware: plastic washers, plastic spacers, plastic nuts, plastic screws, plastic bushings, plastic plugs & caps, plastometal nuts and screws, plastic handwheels, plastometal knobs, plastic knobs kits, plastic handles, adjustable plastic feet, plastic cable glands, elastomeric seals, customized plastic parts.

Our washers, screws and nuts are compliant and / or meet specific standards DIN, ISO and NFE (*).

Bülte offers a wide range of standard polyamide parts (Nylon), and also customer specific and innovative pieces in other materials. A large choice of material: ABS, PA6, PA6.6, PP, PE, PVDF, POM, PC, PTFE and of colors: RAL color chart, is available depending on material and dimension required.

In order to perfectly meet your demands, Bülte offers specific parts based on drawings as well.

Finally, Bülte integrates the REACH and RoHS requirements and guidelines in its manufacturing and procurement processes.

Whatever your industry: military, medical, aerospace, railway, toy, food, chemicals, electronics, electrical, building, plumbing, furniture, etc., Bülte assists you from design to industrialization phases of your project.

You’ll necessarily find the part you need

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(*) Tolerances (generally +/- 0.2mm) may vary depending on the material and manufacture methods, and therefore may lie outside the tolerance thresholds specified in the standards set for metallic products.

Due to the complexity thread / pitch / material shrinkage, the tolerances of our screws and nuts have been calibrated for a good interacting with pieces of the same material.