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September 12, 2023

What is a plastic screw ?

A plastic screw is a type of fastener made from plastic materials, typically polymers like nylon or PE (polyethylene). At Bülte, we mainly use PA, PP, POM and high-performance plastics such as PVDF, PTFE and PEEK to manufacture our screws.

It serves the same purpose as a metal screw, which is to join or fasten objects together. Plastic screws are often used in applications where metal screws may not be suitable, such as environments where corrosion is a concern, or where electrical insulation is needed.


There come in various sizes, shapes and threads types to accomodate different needs. Bülte screws comply with the same DIN standards and are available with metric threads corresponding to the ISO standard.

What are the advantages of plastic screws ?

Plastic screws offer several advantages in various applications :

  1. Lightweight : Plastic screws are much lighter than their metal counterparts, which can be advantageous in applications where weight reduction is a concern.
  2. Electrical insulation : Due to their non-conductive nature, plastic screws are suitable for electrical applications, preventing the risk of short circuits.
  3. Corrosion resistance : Plastic screws are not susceptible to corrosion, making them ideal for use in damp or corrosive environments.
  4. Reduced noise : In some cases, plastic screws can dampen vibrations and reduce noise levels compared to metal screws.
  5. Strength & temperature : Plastic screws can withstand heavy loads and do not suffer from sub-zero temperatures, and some, depending on their composition, can withstand high temperatures in excess of 100°C (PTFE, PEEK, PVDF).
  6. Design flexibility : Plastic screws can be molded into various shapes and sizes, allowing for customized designs to meet specific requirements.
  7. Cost : Plastic screws are often more affordable than metal screws, making them a cost-effective option for certain projects.
  8. Recyclable and recycled : A huge majority of materials used in plastic injection moulding can be recycled, by crushing parts that have already been injected and incorporating a certain percentage of recycled material.
  9. Low friction : Plastic can provide low friction solutions, reducing wear and tear in moving parts.

However, it’s essential to consider the application’s requirements carefully, please feel free to contact our team to help you make the right choice which will be based on the specific needs and conditions of your project.

Which screws to choose ?

Here is our range of screws and their specific features :

Hex head standard screws
  • Hex head standard screws : With their hexagonal head, these screws can be tightened and loosened using a hexagonal key. The best-known is the fully threaded DIN 933 screw, also known as ISO 4017 under the ISO standard that replaces DIN 933. They are similar but the nominal size has been extended and the flats modified for diameters M10, M12, M14 and M22. The other well-known screw is the partially threaded DIN 931.
Cheese head screws
  • Cheese head screws : Available as standard from Bülte, these screws have a rounded or domed head. You can find them in our standard catalogue: DIN 84, DIN 85, DIN 34813, DIN 7985, DIN 404, etc.
Flat head screws
  • Flat head screws : These screws follow the shape of the support to which they are screwed, without being invisible. They provide greater strength to your assemblies. The Bülte catalogue includes the NFE 25-120 pan head screw and the classic flat head screw, available in several diameters.
Countersunk head screws
  • Countersunk head screws : They have a flat or domed head (with a choice of various shapes) and a slope under the head towards the thread, to make screwing easier, fit flush with the surface and allow better integration into the material.
Pan head screws
  • Pan head screws : These screws, which may be countersunk, have a rounded head with a clamping indentation to give your surface a neat and original finish.
Grub screws
  • Grub screws : Also known as plastic set screws, these headless screws have a flat or rounded end with a number of available marks. They are generally used to create invisible fixings or to hold components together. They are particularly suited to adjusting mechanisms, precision assemblies, tools, electronic equipment and other applications where discreet fastening is required.
Hex socket head screws
  • Hex socket head screws : Hexagon socket head cap screws, either fully or partially threaded, have a head with a hollow hexagon socket on the inside that is flush with the support, while providing a large contact surface with the support. The hollow hexagonal recess, which can be fixed with a hexagonal key (or Allen key), withstands a higher tightening torque and enables the screw to be fixed in a narrow space with little clearance.
Knurled head screws
  • Knurled head screws : Knurled-head screws are ideal for manual assembly, as they can be fixed and adjusted without tools. Thanks to all our different shapes of screws , you will be able to find the right part for your needs.
Wing screws
  • Wing screws : The T-shaped section at the end of the thumbscrew - also known as a butterfly screw - provides a comfortable grip for the user, allowing quick and easy manual adjustment. This feature makes it a popular choice for applications where frequent adjustment is required.
Violin head screws
  • Violin head screws : These hand-tightened screws, available with different types of fiddlehead, are particularly appreciated for their electrical insulation properties, making them a perfect alternative to metal screws.
Four stars screws
  • Four stars screws : These nylon screws - also known as star-head screws or wing screws - have a head designed with four notches or grooves. Ideal for manual assembly, these screws are lightweight, insulating and corrosion-resistant.
Binder posts
  • Binder posts : These plastic screws are designed to bind books, sample collections, menus, fans, etc. reliably and securely, while allowing easy opening for consulting or adding pages.
Metal/plastic screws
  • Metal/plastic screws : These screws, which combine plastic and metal, are designed to offer specific advantages in applications where metal and plastic materials need to be assembled safely and reliably. Robust and easy to use, these screws come in a range of heads for precise, solid manual assembly.

At Bülte, all our screws are available in a variety of sizes, materials and thread types to meet the specific needs of your different applications. We can also study your projects for customised manufacture.

For over 60 years, our wide range of plastic screws has been available in different types, from the most standard (normalised) screw models to the most specific screws, depending on the application.

You can now consult our online catalogue, and choose your parts according to head type, length, diameter, materials, etc.
Our team of experts will be glad to study your project and advise you on your choice of parts and send you samples.

Need help ?

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