Various nylon flat washers

Standard : natural Nylon

Various nylon flat washers
Various nylon flat washers
d D hUnit of saleRefQuote request
1,1x2,5x0,31 000011025003AAdd to quote
1,3x3,0x0,35 000013030003AAdd to quote
1,5x3,0x0,31 000015030003AAdd to quote
1,8x4,0x0,35 000018040003AAdd to quote
1,8x4,5x0,31 0001251,7AAdd to quote
1,9x4,0x0,31 000019040003AAdd to quote
1,9x5,0x0,31 000019050003AAdd to quote
2,2x4,5x0,310004332AAdd to quote
2,2x4,5x0,51 000022045005AAdd to quote
2,2x5,0x0,31 0001252AAdd to quote
2,2x5,0x0,51 000022050005AAdd to quote
2,5x7,0x2,51 000025070025AAdd to quote
2,5x8,0x1,01 000025080010AAdd to quote
2,5x10,0x1,01 000025100010AAdd to quote
2,6x5,0x0,51 000026050005AAdd to quote
2,7x5,5x0,51 000027055005AAdd to quote
2,7x6,0x0,51 0001252,5AAdd to quote
2,7x6,5x1,01 000027065010AAdd to quote
2,7x8,0x0,81 00090212,5AAdd to quote
2,8x7,0x0,55 0001252,6AAdd to quote
2,8x7,0x1,01 000028070010AAdd to quote
2,9x7,0x1,01 000029070010AAdd to quote
2,9x8,0x2,55 000029080025AAdd to quote
3,0x13,0x0,51 000030130005AAdd to quote
3,0x13,0x1,01 000030130010AAdd to quote
3,2x7,0x0,21 000032070002AAdd to quote
3,2x7,0x1,01 000032070010AAdd to quote
3,2x7,0x1,51 000032070015AAdd to quote
3,2x8,0x0,81 000276113MUAAdd to quote
3,2x8,0x1,01 000032080010AAdd to quote
3,2x8,0x1,51 000032080015AAdd to quote
3,2x9,0x1,01 000032090010AAdd to quote
3,2x9,0x1,51 000032090015AAdd to quote
3,2x10,0x0,51 000032100005AAdd to quote
3,2x10,0x1,01 000032100010AAdd to quote
3,2x12,0x0,51 000032120005AAdd to quote
3,2x15,0x1,01 000032150010AAdd to quote
3,6x6,0x0,51 000036060005AAdd to quote
3,6x6,0x1,01 000036060010AAdd to quote
3,6x6,0x2,01 000036060020AAdd to quote
3,6x8,0x2,55 000036080025AAdd to quote
3,6x14,0x1,01 000036140010AAdd to quote
3,7x8,0x0,55 0001253,5AAdd to quote
3,7x12,0x0,81 000037120008AAdd to quote
3,7x12,0x1,05 000037120010AAdd to quote
3,7x12,0x1,51 000037120015AAdd to quote
3,9x12,0x1,01 000039120010AAdd to quote
4,0x7,0x1,51 000040070015AAdd to quote
4,0x7,5x1,01 000040075010AAdd to quote
4,0x8,0x0,81 00014404AAdd to quote
4,0x8,0x1,01 000040080010AAdd to quote
4,0x8,0x1,51 000040080015AAdd to quote
4,0x10,0x1,05 000040100010AAdd to quote
4,0x10,0x2,01 000040100020AAdd to quote
4,0x12,0x1,55 000040120015AAdd to quote
4,0x25,0x8,55 000040250085AAdd to quote
4,2x8,0x1,01 000042080010AAdd to quote
4,2x8,0x1,21 000042080012AAdd to quote
4,2x10,0x1,01 000042100010AAdd to quote
4,3x9,0x0,81 0001254AAdd to quote
4,3x9,0x1,01 000043090010AAdd to quote
4,3x9,0x1,51 000043090015AAdd to quote
4,3x10,0x1,21 000043100012AAdd to quote
4,3x12,0x1,51 000043120015AAdd to quote
4,3x18,0x1,51 000043180015AAdd to quote
4,5x10,0x1,01 000045100010AAdd to quote
4,5x15,0x1,51 000045150015AAdd to quote
4,6x10,0x2,01 000046100020AAdd to quote
4,7x10,0x1,55 000047100015AAdd to quote
4,7x15,0x1,51 000047150015AAdd to quote
4,7*x37,5x2,05 000047375020AAdd to quote
4,8x10,0x0,81 000048100008AAdd to quote
4,8x10,0x1,01 000048100010AAdd to quote
4,8x12,0x0,85 000048120008AAdd to quote
4,8x12,0x1,05 000048120010AAdd to quote
4,8x10,2x0,85 000048102008AAdd to quote
5,0x10,0x1,01 000050100010AAdd to quote
5,0x10,0x1,51 000050100015AAdd to quote
5,0x12,0x1,05 000050120010AAdd to quote
5,0x12,0x1,55 000050120015AAdd to quote
5,0x18,0x1,01 000050180010AAdd to quote
5,0x18,0x1,51 000050180015AAdd to quote
5,1x11,0x2,51 000051110025AAdd to quote
5,2x9,0x1,01 000052090010AAdd to quote
5,2x12,0x1,21 000052120012AAdd to quote
5,2x13,0x1,01 000052130010AAdd to quote
5,3x10,0x1,01 0001255AAdd to quote
5,3x11,0x1,01 000053110010AAdd to quote
5,3x11,0x1,51 00069026CAAdd to quote
5,3x15,0x1,01 000053150010AAdd to quote
5,3x66,0x5,01 000053660050AAdd to quote
5,5x15,0x1,51 000055150015AAdd to quote
5,5x25,0x2,355 0000552500235AAdd to quote
5,5x40,0x1,51 000055400015AAdd to quote
5,8x9,0x1,01 000058090010AAdd to quote
5,8x12,0x1,01 000058120010AAdd to quote
5,8x12,0x1,51 000058120015AAdd to quote
6,0x11,0x1,01 000060110010AAdd to quote
6,0x12,0x1,01 000060120010AAdd to quote
6,0x18,0x0,51 000060180005AAdd to quote
6,0x18,0x1,01 000060180010AAdd to quote
6,0x18,0x1,51 000060180015AAdd to quote
6,0x30,0x0,51 000060300005AAdd to quote
6,0x30,0x1,05 000060300010AAdd to quote
6,1x16,0x1,01 000061160010AAdd to quote
6,1x16,0x1,51 000061160015AAdd to quote
6,1x21,0x1,01 000061210010AAdd to quote
6,1x40,0x1,01 000061400010AAdd to quote
6,2x15,0x1,01 000062150010AAdd to quote
6,2x15,0x1,51 000062150015AAdd to quote
6,3x34,6x2,55 000063346025AAdd to quote
6,4x11,0x1,01 000064110010AAdd to quote
6,4x11,0x1,51 0004336AAdd to quote
6,4x12,0x0,51 000064120005AAdd to quote
6,4x12,0x1,01 000276116ZUAAdd to quote
6,4x12,0x1,55 000064120015AAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x1,61 0001256AAdd to quote
6,4x18,0x1,01 000064180010AAdd to quote
6,4x18,0x1,61 00090216AAdd to quote
6,4x18,0x2,01 000064180020AAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x1,01 000064200010AAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x1,51 000064200015AAdd to quote
6,4x24,0x1,01 000064240010AAdd to quote
6,4x24,0x1,51 000064240015AAdd to quote
6,5x14,0x1,55 000065140015AAdd to quote
6,5x20,0x1,05 000065200010AAdd to quote
6,5x20,0x1,55 000065200015AAdd to quote
6,5x25,0x2,01 000065250020AAdd to quote
7,0x11,0x0,51 000070110005AAdd to quote
7,0x11,0x1,01 000070110010AAdd to quote
7,0x16,0x1,01 000070160010AAdd to quote
7,0x21,0x1,01 000070210010AAdd to quote
7,0x21,0x1,51 000070210015AAdd to quote
7,0x25,0x1,05 000070250010AAdd to quote
7,0x25,0x1,55 000070250015AAdd to quote
7,5x13,0x0,51 000075130005AAdd to quote
7,7x12,0x2,01 000077120020AAdd to quote
8,0x10,0x0,51 000080100005AAdd to quote
8,0x10,0x1,01 000080100010AAdd to quote
8,0x12,0x0,51 000080120005AAdd to quote
8,0x12,0x1,01 000080120010AAdd to quote
8,0x12,0x1,51 000080120015AAdd to quote
8,0x14,0x0,51 000080140005AAdd to quote
8,0x14,0x1,01 000080140010AAdd to quote
8,0x20,0x1,01 000080200010AAdd to quote
8,0x20,0x2,05 000080200020AAdd to quote
8,0x30,0x0,51 000080300005AAdd to quote
8,0x30,0x1,01 000080300010AAdd to quote
8,2x16,0x1,01 000082160010AAdd to quote
8,2x17,0x1,01 000082170010AAdd to quote
8,3x24,0x2,05 000083240020AAdd to quote
8,4x14,0x0,81 000084140008AAdd to quote
8,4x14,0x1,51 000084140015AAdd to quote
8,4x15,0x1,01 000084150010AAdd to quote
8,4x15,0x1,51 0004338AAdd to quote
8,4x17,0x1,01 000084170010AAdd to quote
8,4x17,0x1,55 000084170015AAdd to quote
8,4x17,0x2,01 000084170020AAdd to quote
8,4x17,0x3,01 000084170030AAdd to quote
8,4x20,0x2,01 000084200020AAdd to quote
8,4x20,0x3,01 000084200030AAdd to quote
8,4x25,0x1,51 000084250015AAdd to quote
8,4x25,0x2,01 00090218AAdd to quote
8,4x25,0x2,51 000084250025AAdd to quote
8,5x15,0x0,455 0000851500045AAdd to quote
9,0x16,0x0,51 000090160005AAdd to quote
9,0x16,0x1,01 000090160010AAdd to quote
9,0x16,0x1,51 000090160015AAdd to quote
9,5x20,0x1,51 000095200015AAdd to quote
9,5x21,0x2,01 000095210020AAdd to quote
9,8x15,0x1,01 000098150010AAdd to quote
9,8x15,0x1,51 000098150015AAdd to quote
9,8x18,0x1,05 000098180010AAdd to quote
9,9x14,0x21,82 000099140218AAdd to quote
10,0x12,0x1,01 000100120010AAdd to quote
10,0x13,0x1,01 000100130010AAdd to quote
10,0x16,0x1,01 000100160010AAdd to quote
10,0x16,0x1,51 000100160015AAdd to quote
10,0x16,0x2,01 000100160020AAdd to quote
10,0x18,0x1,01 000100180010AAdd to quote
10,0x18,0x1,51 000100180015AAdd to quote
10,0x21,0x1,01 000100210010AAdd to quote
10,1x30,0x1,51 000101300015AAdd to quote
10,2x16,0x2,01 000102160020AAdd to quote
10,2x17,0x1,01 000102170010AAdd to quote
10,2x20,0x1,01 000102200010AAdd to quote
10,5x14,5x0,81 000105145008AAdd to quote
10,5x15,0x1,01 000105150010AAdd to quote
10,5x15,0x2,01 000105150020AAdd to quote
10,5x18,0x1,61 00043310AAdd to quote
10,5x21,0x1,01 000105210010AAdd to quote
10,5x21,0x2,01 00012510AAdd to quote
10,5x21,0x3,01 000105210030AAdd to quote
10,5x21,0x4,01 000105210040AAdd to quote
10,5x22,0x2,55 000105220025AAAdd to quote
11,0x14,0x1,51 000110140015AAdd to quote
11,0x14,0x2,01 000110140020AAdd to quote
11,0x16,0x1,01 000110160010AAdd to quote
11,0x18,0x1,01 000110180010AAdd to quote
11,0x30,0x1,01 000110300010AAdd to quote
11,0x30,0x2,05 000110300020AAdd to quote
12,2x16,2x1,01 000122162010AAdd to quote
12,2x16,2x2,51 000122162025AAdd to quote
12,2x18,0x0,51 000122180005AAdd to quote
12,2x18,0x1,01 000122180010AAdd to quote
12,2x18,0x2,01 000122180020AAdd to quote
12,2x20,0x1,01 000122200010AAdd to quote
12,2x24,0x1,01 000122240010AAdd to quote
12,2x37,0x1,01 000122370010AAdd to quote
12,3x14,0x0,81 000123140008AAdd to quote
12,5x17,0x1,05 000125170010AAdd to quote
12,5x17,0x2,01 000125170020AAdd to quote
12,5x20,0x1,01 000125200010AAdd to quote
12,5x24,0x2,01 000125240020AAdd to quote
12,5x25,0x1,05 000125250010AAdd to quote
12,5x25,0x3,05 000125250030AAdd to quote
12,5x25,0x4,05 000125250040AAdd to quote
12,5x27,0x2,51 0002761112MUAAdd to quote
12,5x34,0x3,01 000125340030AAdd to quote
12,5x50,0x4,01 000125500040AAdd to quote
12,5x56,0x4,01 000125560040AAdd to quote
12,5x60,0x3,01 000125600030AAdd to quote
12,5x60,0x4,01 000125600040AAdd to quote
12,5x60,0x5,01 000125600050AAdd to quote
12,5x66,0x5,01 000125660050AAdd to quote
12,7x23,0x2,01 000127230020AAdd to quote
12,7x35,0x1,51 000127350015AAdd to quote
13,0x18,0x2,05 000130180020AAdd to quote
13,0x19,0x1,01 000130190010AAdd to quote
13,0x19,0x1,51 000130190015AAdd to quote
13,0x20,0x1,01 000130200010AAdd to quote
13,0x20,0x2,01 00043312AAdd to quote
13,0x24,0x2,01 000130240020AAdd to quote
13,0x24,0x2,51 00012512AAdd to quote
13,0x24,0x3,01 000130240030AAdd to quote
13,0x28,0x1,01 000130280010AAdd to quote
13,0x32,0x1,01 000130320010AAdd to quote
13,0x40,0x2,01 000130400020AAdd to quote
13,0x40,0x3,01 000902112AAdd to quote
13,2x20,0x3,01 000132200030AAdd to quote
13,5x30,0x2,52 000135300025AAdd to quote
14,0x18,0x0,51 000140180005AAdd to quote
14,0x18,0x0,81 000140180008AAdd to quote
14,0x18,0x1,01 000140180010AAdd to quote
14,0x18,0x1,51 000140180015AAdd to quote
14,0x20,0x1,01 000140200010AAdd to quote
14,0x21,0x1,05 000140210010AAdd to quote
14,0x24,0x1,01 000140240010AAdd to quote
14,0x24,0x1,51 000140240015AAdd to quote
14,0x25,0x1,01 000140250010AAdd to quote
14,1x21,2x2,45 000141212024AAdd to quote
14,5x17,0x1,02 000145170010AAdd to quote
14,5x20,0x3,01 000145200030AAdd to quote
14,5x21,0x1,01 000145210010AAdd to quote
14,5x21,0x2,01 000145210020AAdd to quote
14,5x25,0x1,01 000145250010AAdd to quote
14,5x25,0x3,01 000145250030AAdd to quote
14,5x25,0x4,05 000145250040AAdd to quote
14,5x30,0x2,51 0002761114MUAAdd to quote
14,8x45,0x2,01 000148450020AAdd to quote
15,0x18,0x1,01 000150180010AAdd to quote
15,0x18,0x2,02 000150180020AAdd to quote
15,0x18,0x2,52 000150180025AAdd to quote
15,0x25,0x1,01 000150250010AAdd to quote
15,0x25,0x2,01 000150250020AAdd to quote
15,0x28,0x1,01 000150280010AAdd to quote
15,0x28,0x2,01 000150280020AAdd to quote
15,0x30,0x3,050012514AAdd to quote
15,1x28,0x2,52 000150280025AAdd to quote
16,0x20,0x0,81 000160200008AAdd to quote
16,0x21,0x0,51 000160210005AAdd to quote
16,0x21,0x1,01 000160210010AAdd to quote
16,0x21,0x2,01 000160210020AAdd to quote
16,0x25,0x0,455 0001602500045AAdd to quote
16,0x25,0x0,51 000160250005AAdd to quote
16,0x25,0x1,01 000160250010AAdd to quote
16,0x25,4x0,82 000160254008AAdd to quote
16,2x24,0x1,01 000162240010AAdd to quote
16,5x21,5x1,05 000165215010AAdd to quote
16,5x32,0x1,01 000165320010AAdd to quote
16,5x32,0x3,01 000165320030AAdd to quote
16,5x35,0x1,01 000165350010AAdd to quote
16,5x54,0x1,01 000165540010AAdd to quote
16,8x19,5x1,52 000168195015AAdd to quote
17,0x21,0x1,01 000170210010AAdd to quote
17,0x24,0x2,01 000170240020AAdd to quote
17,0x30,0x3,01 00012516AAdd to quote
17,0x40,0x1,02 000170400010AAdd to quote
17,0x40,0x2,01 000170400020AAdd to quote
17,0x50,0x3,01 000902116AAdd to quote
17,0x60,0x2,02 000170600020AAdd to quote
17,5x20,0x2,01 000175200020AAdd to quote
17,5x32,0x1,02 000175320010AAdd to quote
17,5x32,0x1,51 000175320015AAdd to quote
18,0x22,0x0,51 000180220005AAdd to quote
18,0x22,0x1,51 000180220015AAdd to quote
18,0x24,0x1,01 000180240010AAdd to quote
18,0x24,0x2,01 000180240020AAdd to quote
18,0x30,0x0,51 000180300005AAdd to quote
18,0x30,0x1,01 000180300010AAdd to quote
18,0x38,0x1,01 000180380010AAdd to quote
18,5x30,0x1,51 000185300015AAdd to quote
18,5x36,0x3,01 0002761118MUAAdd to quote
18,8x42,0x0,52 000188420005AAdd to quote
19,0x23,0x0,52 000190230005AAdd to quote
19,0x23,0x1,01 000190230010AAdd to quote
19,0x23,0x1,52 000190230015AAdd to quote
19,0x40,0x0,52 000190400005AAdd to quote
19,0x40,0x1,02 000190400010AAdd to quote
19,0x50,0x4,01 000190500040AAdd to quote
19,0x60,0x4,01 000190600040AAdd to quote
19,7x40,0x3,02 000197400030AAdd to quote
20,0x28,0x0,51 000200280005AAdd to quote
20,0x28,0x1,01 000200280010AAdd to quote
20,0x30,0x1,01 000200300010AAdd to quote
20,0x30,0x1,51 000200300015AAdd to quote
20,0x40,0x1,02 000200400010AAdd to quote
20,0x40,0x1,52 000200400015AAdd to quote
20,0x45,0x1,01 000200450010AAdd to quote
20,0x45,0x2,02 000200450020AAdd to quote
20,0x50,0x4,01 000200500040AAdd to quote
20,0x56,0x4,01 000200560040AAdd to quote
20,0x60,0x4,01 000200600040AAdd to quote
20,2x29,0x1,55 000202290015AAdd to quote
20,5x33,0x1,01 000205330010AAdd to quote
20,5x33,0x2,01 000205330020AAdd to quote
20,5x40,0x1,22 000205400012AAdd to quote
20,5x40,0x3,01 0002761120MUAAdd to quote
20,5x50,0x1,02 000205500010AAdd to quote
21,0x24,0x0,52 000210240005AAdd to quote
21,0x24,5x1,51 000210245015AAdd to quote
21,0x26,0x1,02 000210260010AAdd to quote
21,0x26,0x1,51 000210260015AAdd to quote
21,0x30,0x1,01 000210300010AAdd to quote
21,0x30,0x1,51 000210300015AAdd to quote
21,0x45,0x1,02 000210450010AAdd to quote
21,0x45,0x1,51 000210450015AAdd to quote
22,0x25,8x1,01 000220258010AAdd to quote
22,0x25,8x1,51 000220258015AAdd to quote
22,0x25,8x2,01 000220258020AAdd to quote
22,0x28,5x1,51 000220285015AAdd to quote
22,0x36,0x2,01 000220360020AAdd to quote
22,0x50,0x4,01 000220500040AAdd to quote
22,0x56,0x4,01 000220560040AAdd to quote
22,5x28,0x1,01 000225280010AAdd to quote
22,5x28,0x1,51 000225280015AAdd to quote
22,5x31,5x3,01 000225315030AAdd to quote
22,5x32,0x1,01 000225320010AAdd to quote
22,5x32,0x1,51 000225320015AAdd to quote
22,5x33,5x3,01 000225335030AAdd to quote
22,5x33,5x4,01 000225335040AAdd to quote
23,0x28,0x1,02 000230280010AAdd to quote
23,0x30,0x1,01 000230300010AAdd to quote
23,0x30,0x1,52 000230300015AAdd to quote
23,0x39,0x3,01 00012522AAdd to quote
23,0x40,0x2,55 000230400025AAdd to quote
24,0x28,8x2,01 000240288020AAdd to quote
24,0x35,0x1,02 000240350010AAdd to quote
24,0x35,0x1,51 000240350015AAdd to quote
24,5x31,0x2,02 000245310020AAdd to quote
24,5x45,0x1,02 000245450010AAdd to quote
24,5x45,0x1,21 000245450012AAdd to quote
24,5x45,0x1,52 000245450015AAdd to quote
25,0x40,0x1,01 000250400010AAdd to quote
25,0x40,0x1,51 000250400015AAdd to quote
25,0x45,0x1,02 000250450010AAdd to quote
25,0x45,0x1,52 000250450015AAdd to quote
25,0x45,0x3,55 000250450035AAdd to quote
25,0x50,0x1,02 000250500010AAdd to quote
25,0x50,0x1,51 000250500015AAdd to quote
25,0x50,0x4,01 000250500040AAdd to quote
25,0x56,0x4,01 000250560040AAdd to quote
25,0x60,0x1,55 000250600015AAdd to quote
25,0x60,0x4,01 000250600040AAdd to quote
26,0x30,4x2,51 000260304025AAdd to quote
26,0x32,0x1,01 000260320010AAdd to quote
26,0x32,0x1,52 000260320015AAdd to quote
26,0x49,0x1,02 000260490010AAdd to quote
26,2x29,0x1,02 000262290010AAdd to quote
26,2x29,0x1,51 000262290015AAdd to quote
26,3x37,0x2,01 000263370020AAdd to quote
26,5x29,5x1,52 000265295015AAdd to quote
26,5x32,0x1,01 000265320010AAdd to quote
26,5x32,0x1,51 000265320015AAdd to quote
26,5x45,0x1,01 000265450010AAdd to quote
27,0x32,0x1,02 000270320010AAdd to quote
27,0x33,0x0,52 000270330005AAdd to quote
27,0x33,0x1,01 000270330010AAdd to quote
27,0x37,0x2,01 000270370020AAdd to quote
27,0x55,0x3,01 000270550030AAdd to quote
27,0x56,0x4,01 000270560040AAdd to quote
27,0x60,0x4,01 000270600040AAdd to quote
27,0x70,0x3,01 000270700030AAdd to quote
27,0x70,0x5,01 000270700050AAdd to quote
27,5x33,0x1,52 000275330015AAdd to quote
28,0x40,0x6,05 000280400060AAdd to quote
28,5x52,0x1,02 000285520010AAdd to quote
28,5x52,0x1,52 000285520015AAdd to quote
29,0x33,8x2,01 000290338020AAdd to quote
29,0x40,0x3,02 000290400030AAdd to quote
29,0x56,0x4,01 000290560040AAdd to quote
29,0x60,0x4,01 000290600040AAdd to quote
30,0x36,0x1,01 000300360010AAdd to quote
30,0x36,0x1,52 000300360015AAdd to quote
30,0x46,0x1,02 000300460010AAdd to quote
30,0x46,0x1,51 000300460015AAdd to quote
30,0x66,0x4,01 000300660040AAdd to quote
30,0x70,0x1,02 000300700010AAdd to quote
30,0x70,0x1,52 000300700015AAdd to quote
30,0x70,0x3,01 000300700030AAdd to quote
30,5x35,0x1,02 000305350010AAdd to quote
30,5x35,0x2,02 000305350020AAdd to quote
31,0x36,0x1,02 000310360010AAdd to quote
31,0x36,0x1,52 000310360015AAdd to quote
31,0x36,0x2,01 000310360020AAdd to quote
31,0x44,5x1,51 000310445015AAdd to quote
31,0x45,0x1,02 000310450010AAdd to quote
31,2x37,0x1,02 000312370010AAdd to quote
32,0x44,0x1,02 000320440010AAdd to quote
32,0x56,0x3,05 000320560030AAdd to quote
32,0x66,0x4,01 000320660040AAdd to quote
32,5x38,0x2,01 000325380020AAdd to quote
33,0x39,0x1,01 000330390010AAdd to quote
33,0x39,0x2,01 000330390020AAdd to quote
33,0x40,0x11,41 000330400114AAdd to quote
33,0x43,0x1,02 000330430010AAdd to quote
33,0x66,0x5,01 000330660050AAdd to quote
33,2x39,0x2,51 000332390025AAdd to quote
34,0x60,0x3,01 000340600030A6.6Add to quote
34,0x66,0x5,01 000340660050AAdd to quote
34,2x45,0x1,02 000342450010AAdd to quote
35,0x40,0x1,02 000350400010AAdd to quote
36,0x60,0x5,01 000360600050AAdd to quote
37,0x60,0x5,050043336AAdd to quote
40,0x46,0x1,01 000400460010AAdd to quote
41,5x64,0x1,02 000415640010AAdd to quote
42,0x49,0x1,02 000420490010AAdd to quote
45,5x53,0x2,01 000455530020AAdd to quote
50,0x61,0x1,02 000500610010AAdd to quote
56,2x62,0x1,02 000562620010AAdd to quote

These nylon flat washers protect surfaces and offer good electrical insulation.

Resists corrosion and most dilute acids.

Absorbs shocks and vibrations.

Combustibility UL94-V2.

Other thickness (h) on request.

Other dimensions and materials on request.

* Ref. 047375020A = anti-loss washer



Materials / Colours

Standard : natural Nylon

Materials on request : PE, PP, PS, POM, PTFE...

Minimum quantity on request.


Colours : see RAL colour chart.

Minimum quantity on request.

For some references, the RAL colours are not available.

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