Soft PVC washers

Standard : Natural soft PVC, hardness 70 +/-5 Shore

Soft PVC washers
Soft PVC washers
of sale
Ref.Quote request
M33,27,00,51 0001253BK *Add to quote
M44,39,01,01 0001254PVCSAdd to quote
M55,310,01,01 0001255PVCSAdd to quote
M66,412,01,51 0001256PVCSNAdd to quote
M66,412,51,51 0001256PVCSAdd to quote
M88,416,01,51 0001258PVCSNAdd to quote
M88,417,01,51 0001258PVCSAdd to quote
M1010,520,02,01 00012510PVCSNAdd to quote
M1010,521,02,01 00012510PVCSAdd to quote
M1213,024,02,01 00012512PVCSAdd to quote
M1415,028,02,01 00012514PVCSNAdd to quote
M1415,030,03,01 00012514PVCSAdd to quote
M1617,030,03,050012516PVCSAdd to quote
M1819,034,03,050012518PVCSAdd to quote
M2021,037,03,050012520PVCSAdd to quote

Resistance to temperature from -35 to +50°C.

Resistance to acids conditional, good resistance to alkalis and oil.

Other dimensions on request.

* Reference 1253BK: only available in transparent soft PVC, hardness 80° +/-5 Shore.


Materials / Colours

Standard : transparant soft PVC, hardness 70 +/-5 Shore

On request : Natural soft PVC, hardness 80 +/-5 Shore.

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