Slotted plug

Standard : Nylon 6.6 / grey, black

Slotted plug
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RALRef.Quote request
M12 x 1,56173,01007035BFM1235Add to quote
M16 x 1,56224,01007035BFM1635Add to quote
M20 x 1,56254,01007035BFM2035Add to quote
M25 x 1,57314,51007035BFM2535Add to quote
M32 x 1,58374,51007035BFM3235Add to quote
M40 x 1,59463,5507035BFM4035Add to quote
M50 x 1,510605,0257035BFM5035Add to quote
M63 x 1,512756,0257035BFM6335Add to quote
M12 x 1,56173,01009005BFM1205Add to quote
M16 x 1,56224,01009005BFM1605Add to quote
M20 x 1,56254,01009005BFM2005Add to quote
M25 x 1,57314,51009005BFM2505Add to quote
M32 x 1,58374,51009005BFM3205Add to quote
M40 x 1,59463,5509005BFM4005Add to quote
M50 x 1,510605,0259005BFM5005Add to quote
M63 x 1,5  12  75  6,0259005BFM6305Add to quote

The references of the slotted plugs ending with "35" are grey RAL7035.

The references of the slotted plugs ending with "05" are black RAL9005.

These plugs are delivered without O-ring.

Materials / Colours

Standard : Nylon 6.6 / grey (RAL 7035), black (RAL 9005)

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