Slotted nut-plugs

Standard : white and black nylon

Slotted nut-plugs
Slotted nut-plugs
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M45,012,010,01 0003004BAdd to quote
M45,012,010,01 0003004CAdd to quote
M68,016,09,01 0003006-9BAdd to quote
M68,016,09,01 0003006-9CAdd to quote
M68,016,013,01 0003006-13BAdd to quote
M68,016,013,01 0003006-13CAdd to quote
M812,020,012,01 0003008BAdd to quote
M812,020,012,01 0003008CAdd to quote
M1015,022,012,01 0003010BAdd to quote
M1015,022,012,01 0003010CAdd to quote

For finishing applications.

Light and rustproof.

Good resistance to wear and weather conditions.



* Reference 3006-10 removed from the catalogue on 14/11/2017.

* Reference 3006-15 removed from the catalogue on 17/09/2019.

Materials / Colours

Standard : white and black nylon

Colours on request : grey, red, blue.

Minimum quantity on request.

Colours : see RAL colour chart.

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