Sleeve caps

Standard : Natural PE

Sleeve caps
dDhUnit of saleRef.Quote request
57,022,01 000CP5722DAdd to quote
68,022,01 000CP6822DAdd to quote
79,022,01 000CP7922DAdd to quote
810,034,01 000CP81034DAdd to quote
911,022,01 000CP91122DAdd to quote
1012,034,01 000CP101234DAdd to quote
1113,022,01 000CP111322DAdd to quote
1214,034,01 000CP121434DAdd to quote
1315,022,01 000CP131522DAdd to quote
1416,022,01 000CP141622DAdd to quote
1517,022,01 000CP151722DAdd to quote
1618,022,01 000CP161822DAdd to quote
1618,036,01 000CP161836DAdd to quote
1820,022,01 000CP182022DAdd to quote
1921,022,01 000CP192122DAdd to quote
2022,022,01 000CP202222DAdd to quote

Close, cover, protect with Bülte sleeve caps.

Sleeve cap provides an aesthetical finishing.

The standard material is Polyethylene (PE), which is resistant to various chemical products, it also is flexible, non corrosive, non toxic as well as being very light.

Materials / Colours

Standard : Natural PE

Colours on request : black, green, blue, yellow, grey.

Minimum quantity : 50 000 pieces depending on dimension.

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