Nylon spacers d 8,2

Standard : PA (Polyamid) natural

Nylon spacers d 8,2
d D hUnit
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8,2x12,0x2,01 000082120020AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x3,01 000082120030AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x4,01 000082120040AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x5,01 000082120050AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x6,01 000082120060AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x7,01 000082120070AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x7,55 000082120075AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x8,01 000082120080AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x9,01 000082120090AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x10,01 000082120100AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x11,01 000082120110AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x12,01 000082120120AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x12,55 000082120125AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x13,01 000082120130AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x14,01 000082120140AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x15,01 000082120150AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x16,01 000082120160AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x17,01 000082120170AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x17,55 000082120175AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x18,01 000082120180AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x19,01 000082120190AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x20,01 000082120200AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x21,01 000082120210AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x22,01 000082120220AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x22,55 000082120225AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x23,01 000082120230AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x24,01 000082120240AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x25,01 000082120250AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x26,01 000082120260AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x27,01 000082120270AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x28,01 000082120280AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x29,01 000082120290AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x30,01 000082120300AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x31,01 000082120310AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x32,01 000082120320AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x33,01 000082120330AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x34,01 000082120340AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x35,01 000082120350AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x36,01 000082120360AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x37,01 000082120370AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x38,01 000082120380AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x39,01 000082120390AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x40,01 000082120400AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x41,01 000082120410AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x42,01 000082120420AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x43,01 000082120430AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x44,01 000082120440AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x45,01 000082120450AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x46,01 000082120460AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x47,01 000082120470AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x48,01 000082120480AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x49,01 000082120490AAdd to quote
8,2x12,0x50,01 000082120500AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x2,01 000082140020AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x3,01 000082140030AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x4,01 000082140040AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x5,01 000082140050AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x6,01 000082140060AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x7,01 000082140070AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x7,55 000082140075AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x8,01 000082140080AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x9,01 000082140090AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x10,01 000082140100AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x11,05 000082140110AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x12,05 000082140120AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x12,55 000082140125AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x13,05 000082140130AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x14,05 000082140140AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x15,05 000082140150AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x16,05 000082140160AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x17,05 000082140170AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x17,55 000082140175AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x18,05 000082140180AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x19,05 000082140190AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x20,05 000082140200AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x21,05 000082140210AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x22,05 000082140220AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x22,55 000082140225AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x23,05 000082140230AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x24,05 000082140240AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x25,05 000082140250AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x26,05 000082140260AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x27,05 000082140270AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x28,05 000082140280AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x29,05 000082140290AAdd to quote
8,2x14,0x30,05 000082140300AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x2,01 000082300020AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x3,01 000082300030AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x4,01 000082300040AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x5,01 000082300050AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x6,01 000082300060AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x7,01 000082300070AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x7,55 000082300075AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x8,01 000082300080AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x9,01 000082300090AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x10,01 000082300100AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x11,01 000082300110AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x12,01 000082300120AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x12,55 000082300125AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x13,01 000082300130AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x14,01 000082300140AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x15,01 000082300150AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x16,01 000082300160AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x17,01 000082300170AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x17,55 000082300175AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x18,01 000082300180AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x19,01 000082300190AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x20,01 000082300200AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x21,01 000082300210AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x22,01 000082300220AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x22,55 000082300225AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x23,01 000082300230AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x24,01 000082300240AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x25,01 000082300250AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x26,01 000082300260AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x27,01 000082300270AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x28,01 000082300280AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x29,01 000082300290AAdd to quote
8,2x30,0x30,01 000082300300AAdd to quote

The spacer allows a constant gap between 2 components.

It is insulating and absorbs vibrations.

It is highly resistant to temperature and liquids therefore safe to use in a wide range of applications,especially in electronics.

Materials / Colours

Standard : natural nylon

Materials on request : nylon glass filled, PE, PP, POM, PS.

Minimum quantity on request.

Colours : see RAL colour chart.

Minimum quantity on request.

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