"NEW" Hex socket head screws ˜ DIN 912 PEEK

Standard : natural PEEK

"NEW" Hex socket head screws ˜ DIN 912 PEEK
"NEW" Hex socket head screws ˜ DIN 912 PEEK
DimensionsUnit of saleRef.Quote request
M4 x 10100912410PEEKAdd to quote
M4 x 12100912412PEEKAdd to quote
M4 x 16100912416PEEKAdd to quote
M4 x 20100912420PEEKAdd to quote
M4 x 25100912425PEEKAdd to quote
M5 x 10100912510PEEKAdd to quote
M5 x 12100912512PEEKAdd to quote
M5 x 16100912516PEEKAdd to quote
M5 x 20100912520PEEKAdd to quote
M5 x 25100912525PEEKAdd to quote
M6 x 10100912610PEEKAdd to quote
M6 x 12100912612PEEKAdd to quote
M6 x 16100912616PEEKAdd to quote
M6 x 20100912620PEEKAdd to quote
M6 x 25100912625PEEKAdd to quote
M6 x 30100912630PEEKAdd to quote
M8 x 10100912810PEEKAdd to quote
M8 x 12100912812PEEKAdd to quote
M8 x 16100912816PEEKAdd to quote
M8 x 20100912820PEEKAdd to quote
M8 x 25100912825PEEKAdd to quote
M8 x 30100912830PEEKAdd to quote
M8 x 40100912840PEEKAdd to quote
M10 x 101009121010PEEKAdd to quote
M10 x 121009121012PEEKAdd to quote
M10 x 161009121016PEEKAdd to quote
M10 x 201009121020PEEKAdd to quote
M10 x 251009121025PEEKAdd to quote
M10 x 301009121030PEEKAdd to quote
M10 x 401009121040PEEKAdd to quote
M10 x 501009121050PEEKAdd to quote
M12 x 101009121210PEEKAdd to quote
M12 x 151009121215PEEKAdd to quote
M12 x 201009121220PEEKAdd to quote
M12 x 251009121225PEEKAdd to quote
M12 x 301009121230PEEKAdd to quote
M12 x 401009121240PEEKAdd to quote
M12 x 501009121250PEEKAdd to quote
M12 x 601009121260PEEKAdd to quote
M12 x 701009121270PEEKAdd to quote

Other diameters, lengths and threads (fine pitch, American thread UNC / UNF ...) on request.

The PEEK material has many advantages:

- High temperature resistance

- Efficiency at low temperatures

- Dimensional and thermal stability

- Excellent physical properties

- Chemical Resistance

- density: 1,3 g cm3

- Wear and corrosion resistance

- Low flammability, combustibility according to UL 94 V0

Materials / Colours

Standard : natural PEEK

Material on request : Nylon glass filled, PP, PE, PVDF, PTFE, PC.

Minimum quantity on request.

Colours : natural only.