Metric locknut

Standard : nylon 6 + 30 % glassfilled / grey (RAL 7035), black RAL (9005)

Metric locknut
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M12 x 1,55172,0100CEM1235Add to quote
M16 x 1,55222,5100CEM1635Add to quote
M20 x 1,56264,0100CEM2035Add to quote
M25 x 1,56326,0100CEM2535Add to quote
M32 x 1,57417,0100CEM3235Add to quote
M40 x 1,57507,5100CEM4035Add to quote
M50 x 1,58608,0100CEM5035Add to quote
M63 x 1,58759,0100CEM6335Add to quote
M12 x 1,55172,0100CEM1205Add to quote
M16 x 1,55222,5100CEM1605Add to quote
M20 x 1,56264,0100CEM2005Add to quote
M25 x 1,56326,0100CEM2505Add to quote
M32 x 1,57417,0100CEM3205Add to quote
M40 x 1,57507,5100CEM4005Add to quote
M50 x 1,58608,0100CEM5005Add to quote
M63 x 1,5  8  759,0100CEM6305Add to quote

Materials / Colours

Standard : nylon 6 + 30 % glassfilled / grey (RAL 7035),black RAL (9005)

Colours : see RAL colour chart.

Minimum quantity on request.

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