Metric hex tapped / threaded spacers

Standard : black nylon glass filled

Metric hex tapped / threaded spacers
Metric hex tapped / threaded spacers
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M36,08,05,08,01 000MF36858BAdd to quote
M36,08,07,010,01 000MF368710BAdd to quote
M36,08,08,012,01 000MF368712BAdd to quote
M36,08,010,015,01 000MF368715BAdd to quote
M36,08,010,018,01 000MF368718BAdd to quote
M36,08,010,020,01 000MF368720BAdd to quote
M36,08,010,025,01 000MF368725BAdd to quote
M36,08,010,030,01 000MF368730BAdd to quote
M36,08,010,035,01 000MF368735BAdd to quote
M36,08,010,040,01 000MF368740BAdd to quote
M36,08,010,045,01 000MF368745BAdd to quote
M36,08,010,050,01 000MF368750BAdd to quote
M48,08,06,08,01 000MF488708BAdd to quote
M48,08,06,010,01 000MF488710BAdd to quote
M48,08,010,012,01 000MF488712BAdd to quote
M48,08,010,015,01 000MF488715BAdd to quote
M48,08,010,018,01 000MF488718BAdd to quote
M48,08,010,020,01 000MF488720BAdd to quote
M48,08,010,025,01 000MF488725BAdd to quote
M48,08,010,030,01 000MF488730BAdd to quote
M48,08,010,035,01 000MF488735BAdd to quote
M48,08,010,040,01 000MF488740BAdd to quote
M48,08,010,045,01 000MF488745BAdd to quote
M48,08,010,050,01 000MF488750BAdd to quote

The spacer allows a constant gap between 2 components.

It is insulating and absorbs noise and vibrations.

It can withstand variations in temperature from - 30°C to + 110°C.

Materials / Colours

Standard : black nylon glass filled

Material on request : nylon, POM.

Minimum quantity on request.