Metric finishing washers STB20 - 3

Standard : white, black nylon

Metric finishing washers STB20 - 3
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M33,27,014,02,990°1 000STB2033BAdd to quote
M33,27,014,02,990°1 000STB2033CAdd to quote
M44,39,016,03,790°1 000STB2034BAdd to quote
M44,39,016,03,790°1 000STB2034CAdd to quote
M55,211,018,03,890°1 000STB2035BAdd to quote
M55,211,018,03,890°1 000STB2035CAdd to quote
M55,211,018,03,890°1 000STB2035BP*Add to quote
M55,211,018,03,890°1 000STB2035CP*Add to quote
M66,413,022,04,590°1 000STB2036BAdd to quote
M66,413,022,04,590°1 000STB2036CAdd to quote

These nylon washers protect surfaces and offer good electrical insulation.

Washers absorb shocks and vibrations.

For use with countersunk head screw.

References ending in "B" are in black nylon.

References ending in "C" are in white nylon.

* = polished surface

Materials / Colours

Standard :black, white nylon

Materials on request : PE, PP, POM...

Minimum quantity on request.


Colours : see RAL colour chart.

Minimum quantity on request.