Knurled thumb screw BPF 86

Standard : black nylon / insert : zinc-plated steel

Knurled thumb screw BPF 86
Knurled thumb screw BPF 86
of sale
Ref. (Zinc-plated steel)Quote request
M485 000BPF8648BazAdd to quote
M4105 000BPF86410BazAdd to quote
M4125 000BPF86412BazAdd to quote
M4165 000BPF86416BazAdd to quote
M4185 000BPF86418BaAdd to quote
M4205 000BPF86420BazAdd to quote
M4255 000BPF86425BazAdd to quote
M4305 000BPF86430BazAdd to quote
M5105 000BPF86510BazAdd to quote
M5125 000BPF86512BazAdd to quote
M5165 000BPF86516BazAdd to quote
M5185 000BPF86518BazAdd to quote
M5205 000BPF86520BazAdd to quote
M5255 000BPF86525BazAdd to quote
M5305 000BPF86530BazAdd to quote
M5355 000BPF86535BazAdd to quote
M5405 000BPF86540BazAdd to quote
M6105 000BPF86610BazAdd to quote
M6125 000BPF86612BazAdd to quote
M6165 000BPF86616BazAdd to quote
M6185 000BPF86618BazAdd to quote
M6205 000BPF86620BazAdd to quote
M6255 000BPF86625BazAdd to quote
M6305 000BPF86630BazAdd to quote
M6355 000BPF86635BazAdd to quote
M6405 000BPF86640BazAdd to quote
M6455 000BPF86645BazAdd to quote
M6505 000BPF86650BazAdd to quote

For this screw in all Nylon, please refer to chapter "Screws".

Materials / Colours

Standard : black nylon / insert : zinc-plated steel

On request : insert : stainless steel or brass.

Knurled thumb screws BPF 82, M4 x 8 up to 30 mm.

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