Hex nuts (ISO 4032)

Standard : natural nylon

Hex nuts (ISO 4032)
of sale
Ref.Quote request
M2*1,64,04,31 0009342AAdd to quote
M2,5*2,05,05,61 0009342,5AAdd to quote
M3**3,25,56,21 0009343AAdd to quote
M43,27,07,71 0009344AAdd to quote
M54,78,08,81 0009345AAdd to quote
M65,310,011,01 0009346AAdd to quote
M86,613,014,51 0009348AAdd to quote
M108,316,017,81 00093410ACLE16Add to quote
M1210,718,020,01 00093412ACLE18Add to quote
M1412,821,023,050093414AAdd to quote
M1614,824,026,350093416AAdd to quote
M1816,027,029,525093418AAdd to quote
M2018,030,032,625093420AAdd to quote
M2421,536,039,525093424AAdd to quote
M3025,046,050,525093430AAdd to quote

Good resistance to chemicals.

Good wear resistance and low coefficient of friction.

Good resistance to shocks.

* M2 and M2,5 were removed from the catalogue on 20.02.2020; delivery as long as stock last.

** M3: Thickness "m" out of norme.

Materials / Colours

Standard : natural nylon

Materials on request : POM, PE, PVDF, PC, except M2 and M2,5 : only in Nylon.

Minimum quantity on request.

Colours : see RAL colour chart.

M2 and M2,5 : only available in black Nylon.

Minimum quantity on request.

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