Hex head screws ˜ DIN 933 transparent PC

Standard : Transparent Polycarbonate

Hex head screws ˜ DIN 933 transparent PC
Hex head screws ˜ DIN 933 transparent PC
DimensionsUnit of saleRef.Quote request
M4 x 61 00093346PCTAdd to quote
M4 x 81 00093348PCTAdd to quote
M4 x 101 000933410PCTAdd to quote
M4 x 121 000933412PCTAdd to quote
M4 x 161 000933416PCTAdd to quote
M4 x 201 000933420PCTAdd to quote
M5 x 61 00093356PCTAdd to quote
M5 x 81 00093358PCTAdd to quote
M5 x 101 000933510PCTAdd to quote
M5 x 121 000933512PCTAdd to quote
M5 x 161 000933516PCTAdd to quote
M5 x 201 000933520PCTAdd to quote
M5 x 251 000933525PCTAdd to quote
M5 x 301 000933530PCTAdd to quote
M6 x 61 00093366PCTAdd to quote
M6 x 81 00093368PCTAdd to quote
M6 x 101 000933610PCTAdd to quote
M6 x 121 000933612PCTAdd to quote
M6 x 161 000933616PCTAdd to quote
M6 x 201 000933620PCTAdd to quote
M6 x 251 000933625PCTAdd to quote
M6 x 301 000933630PCTAdd to quote
M6 x 351 000933635PCTAdd to quote

Other diameters, lengths and threads (fine pitch, American thread UNC / UNF ...) on request.

Materials / Colours

Standard : Transparent Polycarbonate

Colours : black

Minimum quantity on request.