Hex head screws ˜ DIN 933 Polyamid + 50% glass filled black

Standard : Black nylon 50% glass filled

Hex head screws ˜ DIN 933 Polyamid + 50% glass filled black
DimensionsUnit of saleRef.Quote request
M5 x 10100933510BV50Add to quote
M5 x 20100933520BV50Add to quote
M5 x 30100933530BV50Add to quote
M5 x 40100933540BV50Add to quote
M5 x 50100933550BV50Add to quote
M5 x 60100933560BV50Add to quote
M6 x 10100933610BV50Add to quote
M6 x 20100933620BV50Add to quote
M6 x 30100933630BV50Add to quote
M6 x 40100933640BV50Add to quote
M6 x 50100933650BV50Add to quote
M6 x 60100933660BV50Add to quote
M8 x 10100933810BV50Add to quote
M8 x 20100933820BV50Add to quote
M8 x 30100933830BV50Add to quote
M8 x 40100933840BV50Add to quote
M8 x 50100933850BV50Add to quote
M8 x 60100933860BV50Add to quote
M10 x 101009331010BV50CLE16Add to quote
M10 x 201009331020BV50CLE16Add to quote
M10 x 301009331030BV50CLE16Add to quote
M10 x 401009331040BV50CLE16Add to quote
M10 x 501009331050BV50CLE16Add to quote
M10 x 601009331060BV50CLE16Add to quote
M12 x 201009331220BV50CLE18Add to quote
M12 x 301009331230BV50CLE18Add to quote
M12 x 401009331240BV50CLE18Add to quote
M12 x 501009331250BV50CLE18Add to quote
M12 x 601009331260BV50CLE18Add to quote
M12 x 801009331280BV50CLE18Add to quote
M16 x 401009331640BV50Add to quote
M16 x 501009331650BV50Add to quote
M16 x 601009331660BV50Add to quote
M16 x 801009331680BV50Add to quote
M16 x 10010093316100BV50Add to quote
M16 x 15010093316150BV50Add to quote

Standard M10 A/F 16 (A/F 17 on request, min. 1.000 units per ref.).

Standard M12 A/F 18 (A/F 19 on request, min. 1.000 units per ref.).

Other diameters, lengths and threads (fine pitch, American thread UNC / UNF ...) on request.

Most screws fully threaded up to 80 mm long.

M 14 to M 16 x … are fully threaded.

Materials / Colours

Standard : Black nylon 50% glass filled

Other material on request.

Minimum quantity on request.

Other colour on request: Natural

Minimum quantity on request.