Head covers for hex screws / nuts

Head covers for hex screws / nuts
MS (A/F)HUnit
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M478,81 0005304Add to quote
M5811,01 0005305Add to quote
M61012,81 0005306Add to quote
M81315,81 0005308Add to quote
M101619,01 0005310S16Add to quote
M101719,5 / 20,01 0005310Add to quote
M121820,01 0005312S18Add to quote
M121920,0 / 21,01 0005312Add to quote
M142223,85005314Add to quote
M162426,05005316Add to quote
M182729,5 / 30,55005318Add to quote
M203033,05005320Add to quote
M2232365005322Add to quote
M243639,05005324Add to quote
M274246,05005327Add to quote
M304650,05005330Add to quote
M365556,02505336Add to quote
M396059,02505339Add to quote
M426562,02505342Add to quote
M457069,02505345Add to quote
M487579,02505348Add to quote
M528084,02505352Add to quote
M568590,02505356Add to quote
M6495103,02505364Add to quote

Protects from dirt.

Protects steel screws from corrosion and deterioration.

Polyethylene (PE) resists acids, greases and oils…

N.B. :
- Depending on the mould, the surface of the part can be smooth or dull.
- The two dimensions "H" correspond to two different injection moulds.
- With pearl colours or aluminium colours, streaks and colour changes can occur at the weld line. This applies to RAL colours RAL1035, 1036, 2013, 3032, 3033, 4011, 4012, 5025, 5026, 6035, 6036, 7048, 8029, 9006, 9007, 9022, 9023.

Materials / Colours

Standard : black, white, grey RAL 7038, brown RAL 8011 PE. (For M4 to M20)

From M22 : Black PE only.

Other material on request.

Colours on request : blue, red, green...

Minimum quantity : 10 000 pieces per colour from M4 to M20 and on request from M22 to M64.

Colours : see RAL colour chart.