Fibre washers

Standard : red fiber

Fibre washers
Fibre washers
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M33,27,00,51 000RF3.2ATAdd to quote
M44,39,00,81 000RF4.3ATAdd to quote
M44,39,01,01 000RF4.3ATNAdd to quote
M55,310,01,01 000RF5.3ATAdd to quote
M66,412,51,01 000RF6.4ATAdd to quote
M88,417,01,01 000RF8.4ATAdd to quote
M1010,521,01,01 000RF10.5ATAdd to quote
M1213,024,02,51 000RF13.0ATAdd to quote
M1617,030,03,0 500RF17.0ATAdd to quote
M2021,037,03,0 500RF21.0ATAdd to quote

These washers have a highly resistant to oils and petrol.

Also used in sanitation and food industry (agreement KTW).

Other dimensions on request.


Materials / Colours

Standard : red Fiber

Only available in fiber.

Colours on request : black, grey

For this products range, the RAL colours are not available.

Minimum quantity on request.

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