Bülte anti-loss washers


With the Cone diameter smaller than the diameter of the screw being used, this washer will hold the screw in position until tightening is required. The conical part of the washer is then squeezed into the thread providing a lock between the threaded components. Our standard material is natural nylon.


This washer is the ideal product to avoid losing your screws! Used in combination with a full threaded screw for best results under the screw head, or with the nut for secure fixing of nut to screw. This style of washer will also keep your components together prior to tightening up.


These Bülte captive washers make manual pre-assembly easier in hard-to-reach places saveing time. Disassembly is only possible by physicaly releasing the washer. This means that they can only be used once.


The main areas of application for these Bülte captive washers is across all industrial sectors where secure threaded fastening is required.

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