Choice of colours for your plastic injection moulded parts

Once the production method has been chosen and the part design finalised, there is the matter of the shade/tint you want for your part. You have several options.

Which colours should you choose for your plastic parts ?

Remember, the colour is an aesthetic choice, which does not alter the technical characteristics of the material / part in any way.

Pièces plastiques de différentes couleurs

Virgin plastic

This is the default standard colour for a large proportion of our range. The natural shade is that of the plastic raw material


After virgin material, black is most widely used by us and within the industry as a whole. It produces the look of a cleanly finished part. It is actually the most commonly used for injection moulding by us, as it is cost-effective. Black also provides UV-protection for plastic parts that need to be UV-resistant or resistant to any type of light, but the best approach is to incorporate an anti-UV additive during production.

Mixtures of standard colours

Bülte has a number of colours in stock. Depending on the product, certain colours can essentially be standard for injection moulded parts (see our product catalogue). Certain colours have a particular meaning (see the following table of special colors).

Shades, meaning and designation

Yellow RAL 1016

Signaling and protection color

Orange RAL 2004

Signal color

Red RAL 3000

Signal color

Blue RAL 5012

Widely used in faucets, swimming pools

Grey RAL 7042

Brown RAL 8011

Green RAL 6001

Signal colors

White RAL 9010

Black RAL 9005

RAL shades

Bülte uses the RAL color chart - the Pantone color system is not suitable for this industry. Therefore, it is possible to choose one or more RAL colors to develop the plastic injection molded parts in the desired color.

Nuancier et teintes RAL des pièces plastiques injectées

The RAL colour chart

This colour chart is only applicable for plastic injection moulded parts.
Therefore, the following shade table is non-contractual and is provided for reference only. The colours are similar to RAL colours and may differ depending on the material used – i.e. thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic.

NB.: the shades may vary depending on the colorants used in the raw material. RAL shades provide the customer with a range of colour options.


The RAL ranges

Le nuancier offre une large gamme de couleurs. Plus de 200 couleurs sont à votre disposition, pour mettre de la couleur dans vos assemblages.

Other non-RAL colour options

For part of its range, Bülte offers to match the colour of a sample (the customer’s sample). In this case, we will invite you to send us a sample in the desired colour and we will then match it in-house in order to best meet your needs. This service is essentially offered for an existing part where the customer wants to have the same shade.

Need help ?

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