New Managing Director for Bülte Plastiques France

January 10, 2024

Following on from the change that began at Bülte in June 2023, with the takeover of the family business by Fanny Bülte, the founder's granddaughter, the group's French entity is working to develop its management team to ensure the continuity of the new generation. Florian Kmyta, who has been an integral part of the company for many years, has been appointed Managing Director with effect from 1 January 2024.

An inspiring career at Bülte

Training and development

Florian Kmyta was trained by Stefan Bülte himself for several years before gradually taking on responsibilities within the company. Recruited as a commercial trainee, he quickly developed his technical and commercial skills, making him a major asset to the company.

Over the next few years, he continued to progress and broaden his skills, becoming Sales Director and completing a Master's degree in business strategy and management.

A manager in keeping with the company's values

His hard work and perseverance, in line with the company's values, have made him the driving force behind the sales team, alongside Fanny Bülte.

Together, they have redefined the contours of a dynamic development strategy: sales, marketing and the digitalisation of the company are now being written by the 3rd generation.

They are surrounded on a day-to-day basis by a solid, long-standing team who, along with the management team, uphold the company's strong values.


Florian Kmyta, Managing Director & Fanny Bülte, CEO © Bülte - 2024

A strategic vision for the future

A global and customised offer

Florian Kmyta actively contributes to Bülte's development by offering a comprehensive range of standard and bespoke solutions, built to meet the specific needs of each of Bülte's customers. "Our team is able to work closely with customers to offer tailor-made solutions that meet the specific requirements of their specifications. We can also advise our customers on the best manufacturing solutions to meet their needs and help them choose the right raw material for their project."

Flexibility and innovation to serve the needs of customers

For almost 70 years, Bülte has been offering a wide range of plastic fasteners for a variety of industrial applicationsDIN/ISO-compliant plastic washers are the longest-selling flagship product in the company's history. In addition, Bülte has an advantage with its diverse range of plastic components for various industrial applications, such as screwsnutswashersspacers, custom moulded parts and much more.

"In our business, it's important to be flexible and responsive to customer expectations: every day, we adapt to remain agile and use our strengths to seize new opportunities", Florian Kmyta points out.

The appointment of Florian Kmyta as Managing Director marks a new stage for Bülte Plastiques France. With his impressive track record and strategic vision, he is ready to lead the company to new horizons, while remaining true to the values and heritage of the Bülte company.

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