First external growth of the Bülte group

21 February 2022

The plastic fasteners business of Werit Kunststoffwerke W. Schneider GmbH & Co.KG was taken over by Bülte in June 2021.

Specialized in the manufacturing of plastic fasteners since 1956, Bülte expands the scope of its activity by acquiring the plastic fasteners branch of the German company Werit. This strategic acquisition was an obvious choice. This buyout was decided within the framework of negotiations between the general managers and represents a major strategic shift for Bülte’s trade policy.

Thanks to that investment, the company Bülte expands its lineup of screws and nuts, adding small diameters to the existing range.

Consequently, our position will be reinforced on the Northern and Easter European market.

Furthermore, the manufacturing capacity must be increased in order to meet delivery times.

According to the press release, Werit, specialized in thermoplastics for injection and the technology of blow moulding, will focus on its other fields of activities.

Croissance Werit
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