DOFA / Double locking and sealing washers

Standard : natural nylon

DOFA / Double locking and sealing washers
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Ref.Quote request
M25/64”2,25,31,61 000DOFA2A*Add to quote
M31/8”3,38,02,31 000DOFA3A*Add to quote
M45/32”4,210,02,81 000DOFA4ANAdd to quote
M53/16”5,210,73,01 000DOFA5AAdd to quote
M61/4"6,212,73,81 000DOFA6AAdd to quote
M85/16”8,016,24,21 000DOFA8AAdd to quote
M103/8”10,220,05,01 000DOFA10AAdd to quote
M127/16”12,224,05,21 000DOFA12AAdd to quote
M149/16"14,226,05,6500DOFA14ANAdd to quote
M165/8”16,230,05,7500DOFA16AAdd to quote
M203/4”20,336,06,8500DOFA20ANAdd to quote

Screws, bolts and nuts are locked.

Sealing is achieved thanks to internal and external shoulders (the internal shoulder goes into the thread of the screw and the external one fits around the head of the screw / nut).

Absorbs vibrations, corrosionresistance, protection against electrolytic action and protection of the surface of materials to be assembled.

Perfect insulation and security.

Other dimensions on request.

* : references without lips on the diameter "d".


Reference DOFA M2.5 removed from the catalogue on 28/09/2018.

Materials / Colours

Standard : natural nylon

Materials on request : PE, PP, POM, PVDF.

Minimum quantity on request.


Colours : see RAL colour chart.

Minimum quantity on request.