Cable clamps

Standard : natural nylon / natural soft PE (Polyethylene), / black GU 50 Shore (rubber) / white PTFE (Teflon)

Cable clamps
Cable clamps
dDlLAhMaterialUnit of saleRef.Quote request
4,510,044,054,010,01,0   PA1 000CDC10AAdd to quote
7,19,039,554,015,01,0PA1 000CDC09AAdd to quote
2,89,550,057,07,01,0PA1 000CDC095AAdd to quote
3,215,062,072,010,01,0PA1 000CDC15A*Add to quote
6,213,055,383,024,01,0PA1 000CDC13AAdd to quote
4 / 5,218,076,082,08,01,0PA1 000CDC18AAdd to quote
4,026,0117,0125,014,81,0PA1 000CDC26AAdd to quote
4,510,044,054,010,01,0PE1 000CDC10DAdd to quote
7,19,039,554,015,01,0PE1 000CDC09DAdd to quote
2,89,550,057,07,01,0PE1 000CDC095DAdd to quote
3,215,062,072,010,01,0PE1 000CDC15D*Add to quote
6,213,055,383,024,01,0PE1 000CDC13DAdd to quote
4 / 5,218,076,082,08,01,0PE1 000CDC18DAdd to quote
4,026,0117,0125,014,81,0PE1 000CDC26DAdd to quote
4,510,044,054,010,01,0GU 501 000CDC10CVAdd to quote
7,19,039,554,015,01,0GU 501 000CDC09CVAdd to quote
2,89,550,057,07,01,0GU 501 000CDC095CVAdd to quote
3,215,062,072,010,01,0GU 501 000CDC15CV*Add to quote
6,213,055,383,024,01,0GU 501 000CDC13CVAdd to quote
4 / 5,218,076,082,08,01,0GU 501 000CDC18CVAdd to quote
4,026,0117,0125,014,81,0GU 501 000CDC26CVAdd to quote
4,510,044,054,010,01,0PTFE100CDC10JAdd to quote
7,19,039,554,015,01,0PTFE100CDC09JAdd to quote
2,89,550,057,07,01,0PTFE100CDC095JAdd to quote
3,215,062,072,010,01,0PTFE100CDC15J*Add to quote
6,213,055,383,024,01,0PTFE100CDC13JAdd to quote
4 / 5,218,076,082,08,01,0PTFE100CDC18JAdd to quote
4,026,0117,0125,014,81,0PTFE100CDC26JAdd to quote

For fixing cables, tubes and pipes.

Fixing with screws or rivets.

Metallic screws or rivets not included.

Other thicknesses of cable clamps (0.5, 0.8 or 1.5 mm) on request.

* : Clamping strip with square ends for Ref. CDC15A / CDC15D / CDC15CV / CDC15J

Materials / Colours

Standard : natural nylon / natural soft PE (Polyethylene), / black GU 50 Shore (rubber) / white PTFE (Teflon)

Material on request : GU 52, SI 40 TR, Light Neo 60.

Minimum quantity on request.

Colours : see RAL colour chart.

Minimum quantity on request.

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