Allen screw caps DIN 7991

Standard : black, white PE

Allen screw caps DIN 7991
Allen screw caps DIN 7991
A/FdDhHA or BUnit
of sale
Ref.Quote request
M533,112,01,94,4B1 00035154Add to quote
M533,29,01,23,5B1 00035155Add to quote
M644,218,01,13,8A1 00035000Add to quote
M644,214,52,15,0B1 00035060Add to quote
M644,213,01,54,5B1 00035100Add to quote
M644,112,52,14,9B1 00035101Add to quote
M644,210,01,14,1A1 00035150Add to quote
M855,318,00,94,8A1 00035051Add to quote
M855,311,52,24,8B1 00035052Add to quote
M855,310,01,24,2B1 00035053Add to quote

Materials / Colours

Standard : black, white PE.

Other materail on request.

Colours on request :

beige, brown, grey, green, blue...

Minimum quantity : 10 000 pieces per reference and colour.

Colours : see RAL colour chart.

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