Adjustable feet plastoball 30

Standard : Feet in PE, Screws in Nylon, black

Adjustable feet plastoball 30
Adjustable feet plastoball 30
dLDhUnit of saleRef.Quote request
M51030,024.01 000PRO30510EBAdd to quote
M51630,024.01 000PRO30516EBAdd to quote
M52030,024.01 000PRO30520EBAdd to quote
M53030,024.01 000PRO30530EBAdd to quote
M54030,024.01 000PRO30540EBAdd to quote
M55030,024.01 000PRO30550EBAdd to quote
M56030,024.01 000PRO30560EBAdd to quote
M61030,024.01 000PRO30610EBAdd to quote
M61630,024.01 000PRO30616EBAdd to quote
M62030,024.01 000PRO30620EBAdd to quote
M63030,024.01 000PRO30630EBAdd to quote
M64030,024.01 000PRO30640EBAdd to quote
M65030,024.01 000PRO30650EBAdd to quote
M66030,024.01 000PRO30660EBAdd to quote
M81030,024.01 000PRO30810EBAdd to quote
M81630,024.01 000PRO30816EBAdd to quote
M82030,024.01 000PRO30820EBAdd to quote
M83030,024.01 000PRO30830EBAdd to quote
M84030,024.01 000PRO30840EBAdd to quote
M85030,024.01 000PRO30850EBAdd to quote
M86030,024.01 000PRO30860EBAdd to quote
M87030,024.01 000PRO30870EBAdd to quote
M88030,024.01 000PRO30880EBAdd to quote
M101030,024.01 000PRO301010EBAdd to quote
M101630,024.01 000PRO301016EBAdd to quote
M102030,024.01 000PRO301020EBAdd to quote
M103030,024.01 000PRO301030EBAdd to quote
M104030,024.01 000PRO301040EBAdd to quote
M105030,024.01 000PRO301050EBAdd to quote
M106030,024.01 000PRO301060EBAdd to quote
M107030,024.01 000PRO301070EBAdd to quote
M108030,024.01 000PRO301080EBAdd to quote
M121030,024.01 000PRO301210EBAdd to quote
M121630,024.01 000PRO301216EBAdd to quote
M122030,024.01 000PRO301220EBAdd to quote
M123030,024.01 000PRO301230EBAdd to quote
M124030,024.01 000PRO301240EBAdd to quote
M125030,024.01 000PRO301250EBAdd to quote
M126030,024.01 000PRO301260EBAdd to quote
M127030,024.01 000PRO301270EBAdd to quote
M128030,024.01 000PRO301280EBAdd to quote

Support and levelling of machines.

Adjustable feet plastoball are full plastic products.

General tolerance : + / - 0.3 mm. 

The parts are delivered not assembled (screws and feet separately, non fitted together).

Materials / Colours

Standard :  Feet in PE, Screws in Nylon, black.

Colours : see RAL colour chart.

Minimum quantity on request.

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