Neoprene washers

Standard : black neoprene

Neoprene washers
Neoprene washers
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M33,27,00,51 000RNEO3.2CWAdd to quote
M44,39,01,01 000RNEO4.3CWAdd to quote
M55,310,01,01 000RNEO5.3CWAdd to quote
M66,412,51,01 000RNEO6.4CWAdd to quote
M88,417,01,51 000RNEO8.4CWAdd to quote
M1010,521,01,51 000RNEO10.5CWAdd to quote
M1213,024,02,01 000RNEO130CWAdd to quote
M1617,030,02,01 000RNEO170CWAdd to quote
M1819,034,03,01 000RNEO190CWAdd to quote
M2021.037.03.01 000RNEO210CWAdd to quote

Resistant to tensile strength 6MPA.

Tensile elongation from 200 to 300% according to the type of hardness.

Good resistance to ozone.

Hardness between 45 and 65 Shore for the standard washer.

Other dimensions on request.


Materials / Colours

Standard : black Neoprene

On request :

Black Neoprene (hardness 80+/-5 Shore)

Light Neoprene (hardness 60+/-5 Sh.)

Minimum quantity on request.

For this product range, the RAL colors are not available.

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