Wing nuts DIN 315

Standard : natural nylon

Wing nuts DIN 315
Wing nuts DIN 315
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Ref.Quote request
M415,05,010,01 0003154A*Add to quote
M522,36,012,91 0003155AN*Add to quote
M528,38,216,01 0003155AAdd to quote
M628,38,216,01 0003156AAdd to quote
M835,010,019,91 0003158AAdd to quote
M1043,510,024,81 00031510AAdd to quote

For finishing applications.

Manual tightening.

Light and rustproof.

Good resistance to wear and weather conditions.

* M4 ref. 3154A and M5 ref. 3155AN: Delivery only while stocks last.

Materials / Colours

Standard : natural nylon

Colours on request : black, white, red, blue, yellow, grey.

Minimum quantity on request.

Colours : see RAL colour chart.

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