Washers DIN 6902

Standard : natural nylon

Washers DIN 6902
Washers DIN 6902
MdDhA or CUnit of saleRef.Quote request
M2,52,35,00,6C1 00069022.5CAAdd to quote
M2,52,56,00,6A1 00069022.5AAAdd to quote
M32,76,00,6C1 00069023CAAdd to quote
M32,77,00,6A1 00069023AAAdd to quote
M3,53,27,00,8C1 00069023.5CAAdd to quote
M3,53,28,00,8A1 00069023.5AAAdd to quote
M43,68,00,8C1 00069024CAAdd to quote
M43,69,00,8A1 00069024AAAdd to quote
M54,59,01,0C1 00069025CAAdd to quote
M54,610,01,0A1 00069025AAAdd to quote
M65,311,01,5C1 00069026CAAdd to quote
M65,312,01,5A1 00069026AAAdd to quote
M87,415,02,0C1 00069028CAAdd to quote
M87,416,02,0A1 00069028AAAdd to quote
M109,318,02,5C1 000690210CAAdd to quote
M109,520,02,5A1 000690210AAAdd to quote

The DIN norm has been created for metallic products, the dimensions of plastic products are close to the norm.

The polyamid washers DIN 6902 (shape A and C, see table) protect surfaces and offer good electrical insulation.

Resist corrosion and most diluted acids. Absorb shocks and vibrations.


Materials / Colours

Standard : natural nylon

Materials on request : PE, PP, POM, PC, PVDF, ...

Minimum quantity on request.

For this product range, the RAL colours are not available (only black).

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