Washers DIN 433 / EN ISO 7092

Standard : natural nylon

Washers DIN 433 / EN ISO 7092
Washers DIN 433 / EN ISO 7092
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M22,24,50,31 0004332AAdd to quote
M2,52,75,00,51 0004332,5AAdd to quote
M33,26,00,51 0004333AAdd to quote
M44,38,00,51 0004334AAdd to quote
M55,39,01,01 0004335AAdd to quote
M66,411,01,51 0004336AAdd to quote
M88,415,01,51 0004338AAdd to quote
M1010,518,01,61 00043310AAdd to quote
M1213,020,02,01 00043312AAdd to quote
M1415,024,02,550043314AAdd to quote
M1617,028,02,550043316AAdd to quote
M1819,030,02,550043318AAdd to quote
M2021,034,03,050043320AAdd to quote
M2425.540.04.0500 43324A*Add to quote
M3031.050.04.0500 43330AAdd to quote
M3637.060.05.0500 43336A*Add to quote

The DIN norm has been created for metallic products, the dimensions of plastic products are close to the norm.

Nylon washers protect surfaces and offer good electrical insulation.

Washers resist corrosion and most dilute acids.

Absorbs vibrations, corrosionresistance, protection against electrolytic action and protection of the surface of materials to be assembled.

Combustibility UL94-V2.

For some references, the RAL colours are not available.

Dimensions not exactly according to DIN.

Materials / Colours

Standard : natural Nylon

Materials on request : PE, PP, POM, PC, PVDF, Nylon glass filled…

Minimum quantity on request.


Colours : see RAL colour chart.

For some references, the RAL colours are not available.

Minimum quantity on request.

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