Washers DIN 125 / EN ISO 7089 / DIN 34815

Standard : natural nylon

Washers DIN 125 / EN ISO 7089 / DIN 34815
Washers DIN 125 / EN ISO 7089 / DIN 34815
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M1,61,74,00,31 0001251,6AAdd to quote
M1,71,84,50,31 0001251,7AAdd to quote
M22,25,00,31 0001252AAdd to quote
M2,32,56,00,51 0001252,3AAdd to quote
M2,52,76,00,51 0001252,5AAdd to quote
M2,62,87,00,51 0001252,6AAdd to quote
M33,27,00,51 0001253AAdd to quote
M3,53,78,00,51 0001253,5AAdd to quote
M44,39,00,81 0001254AAdd to quote
M55,310,01,01 0001255AAdd to quote
M66,412,51,61 0001256AAdd to quote
M66,412,01,61 0001256ANAdd to quote
M77,414,01,61 0001257AAdd to quote
M88,417,01,61 0001258AAdd to quote
M88,416,01,61 0001258ANAdd to quote
M1010,521,02,01 00012510AAdd to quote
M1010,520,02,01 00012510ANAdd to quote
M1213,024,02,51 00012512AAdd to quote
M1415,030,03,050012514AAdd to quote
M1415,028,02,550012514ANAdd to quote
M1617,030,03,050012516AAdd to quote
M1819,034,03,050012518AAdd to quote
M2021,037,03,050012520AAdd to quote
M2223,039,03,050012522AAdd to quote
M2425,044,04,050012524AAdd to quote
M2627,050,04,050012526AAdd to quote
M2728,050,04,050012527AAdd to quote
M2829,050,04,050012528AAdd to quote
M3031,056,04,050012530AAdd to quote
M3233,060,05,025012532AAdd to quote
M3334,060,05,025012533AAdd to quote
M3536,066,05,025012535AAdd to quote
M3637,066,05,025012536AAdd to quote
M3839,072,06,025012538AAdd to quote
M3940,072,06,025012539AAdd to quote
M4041,072,06,025012540AAdd to quote
M42 43,0 78,0 7,0 100 12542A Add to quote
M45 46,0 85,0 7,0 100 12545A Add to quote
M48 50,0 92,0 8,0 100 12548AAdd to quote
M5254,098,08,0 100 12552A Add to quote
M56 58,0 105,0 9,0 100 12556A Add to quote
M6062,0110,0 9,0 100 12560A Add to quote
M64 66,0 115,0 9,0 100 12564A Add to quote
M68 70,0 120,0 10,0 100 12568AAdd to quote
M72 74,0 125,0 10,0 100 12572A Add to quote
M76 78,0 135,0 10,0 100 12576A Add to quote
M80 82,0 140,0 12,0 100 12580A Add to quote
M85 87,0 145,0 12,0 100 12585A Add to quote
M90 93,0 160,0 12,0 100 12590A Add to quote

The DIN norm has been created for metallic products, the dimensions of plastic products are close to the norm.

Protect surfaces and offer good electrical insulation.

Resist corrosion and most diluted acids. Absorb shocks and vibrations.

Combustibility UL94-V2.

Also available in Polycarbonate (PC) washers and Polypropylene (PP) washers.


Materials / Colours

Standard : natural nylon

Materials on request : PE, PP, POM, PC, PVDF, Nylon glass filled.

Minimum quantity on request.


Colours : see RAL colour chart.

For some references, the RAL colours are not available.

Minimum quantity on request.