Thumb slotted screws

Standard : natural Nylon

Thumb slotted screws
Thumb slotted screws
DimensionsDhHUnit of saleRef.Quote request
M3 x 6*7,83,35,41 000VTFCM36AAdd to quote
M3 x 8*7,83,35,41 000VTFCM38AAdd to quote
M3 x 10*7,83,35,41 000VTFCM310AAdd to quote
M3 x 12*7,83,35,41 000VTFCM312AAdd to quote
M3 x 16*7,83,35,41 000VTFCM316AAdd to quote
M3 x 20*7,83,35,41 000VTFCM320AAdd to quote
M3 x 25*7,83,35,41 000VTFCM325AAdd to quote
M3 x 30*7,83,35,41 000VTFCM330AAdd to quote
M4 x 69,44,87,01 000VTFCM46AAdd to quote
M4 x 89,44,87,01 000VTFCM48AAdd to quote
M4 x 109,44,87,01 000VTFCM410AAdd to quote
M4 x 129,44,87,01 000VTFCM412AAdd to quote
M4 x 159,44,87,010 000VTFCM415/10AAdd to quote
M4 x 169,44,87,01 000VTFCM416AAdd to quote
M4 x 179,44,87,010 000VTFCM417/12AAdd to quote
M4 x 209,44,87,01 000VTFCM420AAdd to quote
M4 x 259,44,87,01 000VTFCM425AAdd to quote
M4 x 30**9,44,87,01 000VTFCM430/25AAdd to quote
M5 x 69,75,37,71 000VTFCM56AAdd to quote
M5 x 89,75,37,71 000VTFCM58AAdd to quote
M5 x 109,75,37,71 000VTFCM510AAdd to quote
M5 x 129,75,37,71 000VTFCM512AAdd to quote
M5 x 159,75,37,710 000VTFCM515AAdd to quote
M5 x 169,75,37,71 000VTFCM516AAdd to quote
M5 x 179,75,37,710 000VTFCM517AAdd to quote
M5 x 209,75,37,71 000VTFCM520AAdd to quote
M5 x 259,75,37,71 000VTFCM525AAdd to quote
M5 x 309,75,37,71 000VTFCM530AAdd to quote
M5 x 359,75,37,71 000VTFCM535AAdd to quote
M5 x 409,75,37,71 000VTFCM540AAdd to quote
M5 x 459,75,37,71 000VTFCM545AAdd to quote
M5 x 509,75,37,71 000VTFCM550AAdd to quote
M5 x 559,75,37,71 000VTFCM555AAdd to quote
M5 x 609,75,37,71 000VTFCM560AAdd to quote
M5 x 709,75,37,71 000VTFCM570AAdd to quote
M6 x 611,95,87,51 000VTFCM66AAdd to quote
M6 x 811,95,87,51 000VTFCM68AAdd to quote
M6 x 1011,95,87,51 000VTFCM610AAdd to quote
M6 x 1211,95,87,51 000VTFCM612AAdd to quote
M6 x 1511,95,87,510 000VTFCM615AAdd to quote
M6 x 1611,95,87,51 000VTFCM616AAdd to quote
M6 x 1711,95,87,510 000VTFCM617AAdd to quote
M6 x 2011,95,87,51 000VTFCM620AAdd to quote
M6 x 2511,95,87,51 000VTFCM625AAdd to quote
M6 x 3011,95,87,51 000VTFCM630AAdd to quote
M6 x 3511,95,87,51 000VTFCM635AAdd to quote
M6 x 4011,95,87,51 000VTFCM640AAdd to quote
M6 x 4511,95,87,51 000VTFCM645AAdd to quote
M6 x 5011,95,87,51 000VTFCM650AAdd to quote
M6 x 6011,95,87,51 000VTFCM660AAdd to quote
M6 x 7011,95,87,51 000VTFCM670AAdd to quote
M6 x 7511,95,87,51 000VTFCM675AAdd to quote
M6 x 8011,95,87,51 000VTFCM680AAdd to quote
M8 x 611,95,87,51 000VTFCM86AAdd to quote
M8 x 811,95,87,51 000VTFCM88AAdd to quote
M8 x 1011,95,87,51 000VTFCM810AAdd to quote
M8 x 1211,95,87,51 000VTFCM812AAdd to quote
M8 x 1511,95,87,510 000VTFCM815AAdd to quote
M8 x 1611,95,87,51 000VTFCM816AAdd to quote
M8 x 1711,95,87,510 000VTFCM817AAdd to quote
M8 x 2011,95,87,51 000VTFCM820AAdd to quote
M8 x 2511,95,87,51 000VTFCM825AAdd to quote
M8 x 3011,95,87,51 000VTFCM830AAdd to quote
M8 x 3511,95,87,51 000VTFCM835AAdd to quote
M8 x 4011,95,87,51 000VTFCM840AAdd to quote
M8 x 4511,95,87,51 000VTFCM845AAdd to quote
M8 x 5011,95,87,51 000VTFCM850AAdd to quote
M8 x 6011,95,87,51 000VTFCM860AAdd to quote
M8 x 7011,95,87,51 000VTFCM870AAdd to quote
M8 x 7511,95,87,51 000VTFCM875AAdd to quote
M8 x 8011,95,87,51 000VTFCM880AAdd to quote
M8 x 8511,95,87,51 000VTFCM885AAdd to quote
M8 x 9011,95,87,51 000VTFCM890AAdd to quote
M8 x 9511,95,87,51 000VTFCM895AAdd to quote
M8 x 10011,95,87,51 000VTFCM8100AAdd to quote
M8 x 11011,95,87,51 000VTFCM8110AAdd to quote
M8 x 12011,95,87,51 000VTFCM8120AAdd to quote
M8 x 13011,95,87,51 000VTFCM8130AAdd to quote

Lengths 15 and 17 mm have a 5.0 mm non-threaded part under the head.

M6 - other lengths under request.

Other diameters, lengths and threads (fine pitch, American thread UNC / UNF ...) on request.

Most screws fully threaded up to 80 mm long. 

* M3 was removed from the catalogue on 20.02.2020; delivery as long as stock last.

** The dimension M4 x 30 (reference VTFCM430/25A) has a 5 mm non threaded part under the head.

Materials / Colours

Standard : natural Nylon

Other materials on request : black Nylon, glass filled nylon, PP, PE, PVDF, PC

(M3 : only Nylon)

Minimum quantity on request.


Other colours : see RAL colour chart.

(M3 : only black)

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