Threaded rods DIN 976 (formerly DIN 975)

Standard : PA, PP, PVDF natural

Threaded rods DIN 976 (formerly DIN 975)
Threaded rods DIN 976 (formerly DIN 975)
DimensionsUnit of saleRef.MaterialQuote request
M4 x 1000109754APAAdd to quote
M5 x 1000109755APAAdd to quote
M5 x 1000109755YPPAdd to quote
M5 x 1000109755LPVDFAdd to quote
M6 x 1000109756APAAdd to quote
M6 x 1000109756YPPAdd to quote
M6 x 1000109756LPVDFAdd to quote
M8 x 1000109758APAAdd to quote
M8 x 1000109758YPPAdd to quote
M8 x 1000109758LPVDFAdd to quote
M10 x 10001097510APAAdd to quote
M10 x 10001097510YPPAdd to quote
M10 x 10001097510LPVDFAdd to quote
M12 x 10001097512APAAdd to quote
M12 x 10001097512YPPAdd to quote
M12 x 10001097512LPVDFAdd to quote
M14 x 10001097514APAAdd to quote
M14 x 10001097514YPPAdd to quote
M14 x 10001097514LPVDFAdd to quote
M16 x 10001097516APAAdd to quote
M16 x 10001097516YPPAdd to quote
M16 x 10001097516LPVDFAdd to quote
M18 x 10001097518APAAdd to quote
M18 x 100010 97518YPPAdd to quote
M18 x 10001097518LPVDFAdd to quote
M20 x 10001097520APAAdd to quote
M20 x 10001097520YPPAdd to quote
M20 x 10001097520LPVDFAdd to quote
M24 x 10001097524APAAdd to quote
M24 x 10001097524YPPAdd to quote
M24 x 10001097524LPVDFAdd to quote
M30 x 10001097530APAAdd to quote
M30 x 10001097530YPPAdd to quote
M30 x 10001097530LPVDFAdd to quote

Other lengths and diameter on request.

Materials / Colours

Standard : PA, PP, PVDF natural

Other materials on request : POM, PTFE, grey PVC.

Minimum quantity on request.

For this products range, the RAL colours are not available.