Snap-in clip D16 (for assembly)

Standard : Natural PA (= Nylon)+30% Glasfilled and POM (= Polyacetal (Delrin)) +25%Glasfilled

Snap-in clip D16 (for assembly)
dHole ØDLMaterialUnit
of sale
Ref.Quote request
7,88,016,08,5PA1 000CLD167885AVAdd to quote
7,88,016,013,5POM1 000CLD1678135GV25Add to quote
7,88,016,016,0POM1 000CLD167816GV25Add to quote
7,88,016,021,0POM1 000CLD167821GV25Add to quote
9,710,016,08,5PA1 000CLD169785AVAdd to quote
9,710,016,013,5POM1 000CLD1697135GV25Add to quote
9,710,016,016,0POM1 000CLD169716GV25Add to quote
9,710,016,021,0POM1 000CLD169721GV25Add to quote

N. B. : 1 000 pieces = 500 snap-in clips.

Hole Ø = diameter of hole recommended.

The references with length L=13.5 mm and L = 21.0 mm have a  5.0 mm non-threaded part under the head (the diameter is still “d”).

As a consequence, those products do not correspond exactly to the product plan above.

The total height of the parts to be assembled may vary according to the pressure with which they will be fitted together, and also according to the type of pieces that are going to be assembled.

Therefore, an internal test is recommended.

Materials / Colours

Standard : Natural PA (= Nylon)+30% Glasfilled and POM (= Polyacetal (Delrin))+25% Glasfilled

Colours : see RAL colour chart.

Minimum quantity on request.