Polyethylene spacers d 6,4

Standard : Polyethylene (PE) black

Polyethylene spacers d 6,4
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6,4x12,5x2,01 000064120020EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x3,01 000064120030EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x4,01 000064120040EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x5,01 000064120050EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x6,01 000064120060EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x7,01 000064120070EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x7,55 000064120075EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x8,01 000064120080EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x9,01 000064120090EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x10,01 000064120100EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x11,01 000064120110EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x12,01 000064120120EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x12,55 000064120125EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x13,01 000064120130EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x14,01 000064120140EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x15,01 000064120150EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x16,01 000064120160EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x17,01 000064120170EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x17,55 000064120175EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x18,01 000064120180EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x19,01 000064120190EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x20,01 000064120200EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x21,01 000064120210EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x22,01 000064120220EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x22,55 000064120225EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x23,01 000064120230EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x24,01 000064120240EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x25,01 000064120250EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x26,01 000064120260EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x27,01 000064120270EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x28,01 000064120280EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x29,01 000064120290EAdd to quote
6,4x12,5x30,01 000064120300EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x2,01 000064160020EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x3,01 000064160030EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x4,01 000064160040EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x5,01 000064160050EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x6,01 000064160060EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x7,01 000064160070EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x7,55 000064160075EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x8,01 000064160080EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x9,01 000064160090EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x10,01 000064160100EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x11,01 000064160110EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x12,01 000064160120EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x12,55 000064160125EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x13,01 000064160130EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x14,01 000064160140EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x15,01 000064160150EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x16,01 000064160160EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x17,01 000064160170EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x17,55 000064160175EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x18,01 000064160180EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x19,01 000064160190EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x20,01 000064160200EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x21,01 000064160210EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x22,01 000064160220EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x22,55 000064160225EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x23,01 000064160230EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x24,01 000064160240EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x25,01 000064160250EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x26,01 000064160260EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x27,01 000064160270EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x28,01 000064160280EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x29,01 000064160290EAdd to quote
6,4x16,0x30,01 000064160300EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x2,01 000064200020EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x3,01 000064200030EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x4,01 000064200040EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x5,01 000064200050EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x6,01 000064200060EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x7,01 000064200070EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x7,55 000064200075EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x8,01 000064200080EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x9,01 000064200090EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x10,01 000064200100EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x11,01 000064200110EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x12,01 000064200120EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x12,55 000064200125EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x13,01 000064200130EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x14,01 000064200140EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x15,01 000064200150EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x16,01 000064200160EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x17,01 000064200170EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x17,55 000064200175EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x18,01 000064200180EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x19,01 000064200190EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x20,01 000064200200EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x21,01 000064200210EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x22,01 000064200220EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x22,55 000064200225EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x23,01 000064200230EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x24,01 000064200240EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x25,01 000064200250EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x26,01 000064200260EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x27,01 000064200270EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x28,01 000064200280EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x29,01 000064200290EAdd to quote
6,4x20,0x30,01 000064200300EAdd to quote

The injection moulding tools for these products were designed for polyamide. Therefore, depending on the dimensions, deformations can occur when injecting PE. These deformations can manifest themselves as very large cavities or produce concave articles.

Materials / Colours

Standard : Polyethylene (PE) black

Materials on request : ABS, PP, PC, PTFE...

Minimum quantity on request.

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