Plastomet adjustable feet

Standard : black nylon / insert : zinc-plated steel

Plastomet adjustable feet
Plastomet adjustable feet
DdLhlUnit of saleRef.Quote request
15M5166 L-31 000VER15516Add to quote
15M5206 L-31 000VER15520Add to quote
15M5256 L-31 000VER15525Add to quote
15M5306 L-31 000VER15530Add to quote
15M5406 L-31 000VER15540Add to quote
15M6166 L-31 000VER15616Add to quote
15M6206 L-31 000VER15620Add to quote
15M6256 L-31 000VER15625Add to quote
15M6306 L-31 000VER15630Add to quote
15M6406 L-31 000VER15640Add to quote
20M5166 L-31 000VER20516Add to quote
20M5206 L-31 000VER20520Add to quote
20M5256 L-31 000VER20525Add to quote
20M5306 L-31 000VER20530Add to quote
20M5406 L-31 000VER20540Add to quote
20M6166 L-31 000VER20616Add to quote
20M6206 L-31 000VER20620Add to quote
20M6256 L-31 000VER20625Add to quote
20M6306 L-31 000VER20630Add to quote
20M6406 L-31 000VER20640Add to quote
20M8206 L-3500VER20820Add to quote
20M8256 L-3500VER20825Add to quote
20M8306 L-3500VER20830Add to quote
20M8406 L-3500VER20840Add to quote
20M8506 L-3500VER20850Add to quote
25M5166 L-31 000VER25516Add to quote
25M5206 L-31 000VER25520Add to quote
25M5256 L-31 000VER25525Add to quote
25M5306 L-31 000VER25530Add to quote
25M5406 L-31 000VER25540Add to quote
25M6166 L-31 000VER25616Add to quote
25M6206 L-31 000VER25620Add to quote
25M6256 L-31 000VER25625Add to quote
25M6306 L-31 000VER25630Add to quote
25M6406 L-31 000VER25640Add to quote
25M8166 L-4500VER25816Add to quote
25M8206 L-4500VER25820Add to quote
25M8256 L-4500VER25825Add to quote
25M8306 L-4500VER25830Add to quote
25M8406 L-4500VER25840Add to quote
30M6207 L-31 000VER30620Add to quote
30M6257 L-31 000VER30625Add to quote
30M6307 L-31 000VER30630Add to quote
30M6407 L-31 000VER30640Add to quote
30M6507 L-31 000VER30650Add to quote
30M8207 L-4500VER30820Add to quote
30M8257 L-4500VER30825Add to quote
30M8307 L-4500VER30830Add to quote
30M8407 L-4500VER30840Add to quote
30M8507 L-4500VER30850Add to quote
32M8209 L-4500VER32820Add to quote
32M8259 L-4 500VER32825Add to quote
32M8309 L-4500VER32830Add to quote
32M8409 L-4500VER32840Add to quote
32M8509 L-4500VER32850Add to quote
32M10259 L-6500VER321025Add to quote
32M10309 L-6500VER321030Add to quote
32M10409 L-6500VER321040Add to quote
32M10509 L-6500VER321050Add to quote
32M10609 L-6500VER321060Add to quote
38M10309 L-6500VER381030Add to quote
38M10409 L-6500VER381040Add to quote
38M10509 L-6500VER381050Add to quote
38M10609 L-6500VER381060Add to quote

Other dimensions for Plastomet adjustable feet on request.

Tolerance on D = 30 : -1.0 mm.

For "D15" range, the edge is smooth, not knurled as shown in the picture.

For all Nylon : see chapter “Adjustable feet”.

Materials / Colours

Standard : black nylon / insert : zinc-plated steel

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