Plastilocknut ®

Standard : Black nylon 6, 50% glass filled

Plastilocknut ®
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Plastilocknut ® is a plastic locking nut, for assemblies where reliable clamping is required, and can be used with metal and plastic screws or other materials. 

Manufactured in 50% glass filled nylon for strength, it is non-conductive and rustproof. 

Thanks to its mechanical and thermal properties, Plastilocknut ® has a good resistance to shocks and vibrations, allows good electrical insulation and acts as protection against electrolytic action.  

The serration under the washer provides extra grip, helping to prevent the assembly from coming loose. Plastilocknut ® is close to the norm DIN 6923.

Materials / Colours

Standard : Black nylon 6, 50% glass filled

Colours : on request

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