PCB spacers with clips M3 / M4

Standard : black nylon

PCB spacers with clips M3 / M4
PCB spacers with clips M3 / M4
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M36,01,85,08,01 000ECI361858BAdd to quote
M36,01,87,010,01 000ECI3618710BAdd to quote
M36,01,88,012,01 000ECI3618712BAdd to quote
M36,01,810,015,01 000ECI3618715BAdd to quote
M36,01,810,018,01 000ECI3618718BAdd to quote
M36,01,810,020,01 000ECI3618720BAdd to quote
M36,01,810,025,01 000ECI3618725BAdd to quote
M36,01,810,030,01 000ECI3618730BAdd to quote
M36,01,810,035,01 000ECI3618735BAdd to quote
M36,01,810,040,01 000ECI3618740BAdd to quote
M36,01,810,045,01 000ECI3618745BAdd to quote
M36,01,810,050,01 000ECI3618750BAdd to quote
M48,01,86,08,01 000ECI481868BAdd to quote
M48,01,86,010,01 000ECI4818610BAdd to quote
M48,01,810,012,01 000ECI4818612BAdd to quote
M48,01,810,015,01 000ECI4818615BAdd to quote
M48,01,810,018,01 000ECI4818618BAdd to quote
M48,01,810,020,01 000ECI4818620BAdd to quote
M48,01,810,025,01 000ECI4818625BAdd to quote
M48,01,810,030,01 000ECI4818630BAdd to quote
M48,01,810,035,01 000ECI4818635BAdd to quote
M48,01,810,040,01 000ECI4818640BAdd to quote
M48,01,810,045,01 000ECI4818645BAdd to quote
M48,01,810,050,01 000ECI4818650BAdd to quote

Designed for plates/ PCB’s/ etc… ø 4.0 mm.

Good dimensional stability.

Materials / Colours

Standard : black nylon

Material on request : POM

Colours on request : natural, black, blue, green, yellow , red...

Minimum quantity on request.

Colours : see RAL colour chart.

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