Nylon glass filled washers

Standard : natural nylon 30% glass filled

Nylon glass filled washers
Nylon glass filled washers
of sale
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M44,39,00,81 0001254AVAdd to quote
M55,310,01,01 0001255AVAdd to quote
M66,412,01,61 0001256AVNAdd to quote
M77,414,01,61 0001257AVAdd to quote
M88,416,01,61 0001258AVNAdd to quote
M1010,520,02,01 00012510AVNAdd to quote
M1213,024,02,51 00012512AVAdd to quote
M1415,028,02,550012514AVAdd to quote
M1617,030,03,050012516AVAdd to quote
M1819,034,03,050012518AVAdd to quote
M2021,037,03,050012520AVAdd to quote
M2223,039,03,050012522AVAdd to quote
M2425,044,04,050012524AVAdd to quote
M2627,050,04,050012526AVAdd to quote
M2728,050,04,050012527AVAdd to quote
M2829,050,04,050012528AVAdd to quote
M3031,056,04,050012530AVAdd to quote
M3233,060,05,050012532AVAdd to quote
M3334,060,05,050012533AVAdd to quote
M3536,066,05,050012535AVAdd to quote
M3637,066,05,050012536AVAdd to quote
M3839,072,06,050012538AVAdd to quote
M3940,072,06,050012539AVAdd to quote
M4041,072,06,050012540AVAdd to quote

Other dimensions on request.

Materials / Colours

Standard : natural nylon 30% glass filled

On request :

natural nylon 20% glass filled

natural nylon 10% glass filled

Colours : see RAL colour chart.

Minimum quantity on request.

Provided that glass filled may change the colour.

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