Metric screw insulators d=3 to d=8

Standard : natural Nylon

Metric screw insulators d=3 to d=8
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3,23,96,02,03,51 000CI3260392Add to quote
3,23,96,03,04,51 000CI3260393Add to quote
3,23,96,04,05,51 000CI3260394Add to quote
3,23,96,05,06,51 000CI3260395Add to quote
3,24,96,02,03,51 000CI3260492Add to quote
3,24,96,03,04,51 000CI3260493Add to quote
3,24,96,04,05,51 000CI3260494Add to quote
3,24,96,05,06,51 000CI3260495Add to quote
4,35,98,02,03,51 000CI4380592Add to quote
4,35,98,03,04,51 000CI4380593Add to quote
4,35,98,04,05,51 000CI4380594Add to quote
4,35,98,05,06,51 000CI4380595Add to quote
5,36,910,02,03,51 000CI53100692Add to quote
5,36,910,03,04,51 000CI53100693Add to quote
5,36,910,04,05,51 000CI53100694Add to quote
5,36,910,05,06,51 000CI53100695Add to quote
5,37,915,02,03,51 000CI53150792Add to quote
5,37,915,03,04,51 000CI53150793Add to quote
5,37,915,04,05,51 000CI53150794Add to quote
5,37,915,05,06,51 000CI53150795Add to quote
6,48,912,52,03,51 000CI64125892Add to quote
6,48,912,53,04,51 000CI64125893Add to quote
6,48,912,54,05,51 000CI64125894Add to quote
6,48,912,55,06,51 000CI64125895Add to quote
8,410,917,02,03,51 000CI841701092Add to quote
8,410,917,03,04,51 000CI841701093Add to quote
8,410,917,04,05,51 000CI841701094Add to quote
8,410,917,05,06,51 000CI841701095Add to quote
8,410,925,02,03,51 000CI842501092Add to quote
8,410,925,03,04,51 000CI842501093Add to quote
8,410,925,04,05,51 000CI842501094Add to quote
8,410,925,05,06,51 000CI842501095Add to quote

Insulates fixing elements.

Protects from short circuits and electrolytic corrosion.

Prevents assembly from loosening due to vibrations.

Materials / Colours

Standard : natural Nylon

Materials on request : black Nylon, PE, PP, POM, Nylon glass filled.

Minimum quantity on request.