Natural metric round tapped spacers M3 to M5

Standard : natural POM

Natural metric round tapped spacers M3 to M5
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M36,0L5,01 000ETM365GAdd to quote
M36,0L6,01 000ETM366GAdd to quote
M36,0L8,01 000ETM368GAdd to quote
M36,0L10,01 000ETM3610GAdd to quote
M36,0L12,01 000ETM3612GAdd to quote
M36,0L15,01 000ETM3615GAdd to quote
M36,0L18,01 000ETM3618GAdd to quote
M36,0L20,01 000ETM3620GAdd to quote
M36,010,025,01 000ETM3625GAdd to quote
M36,010,030,01 000ETM3630GAdd to quote
M36,010,035,01 000ETM3635GAdd to quote
M36,010,040,01 000ETM3640GAdd to quote
M36,010,045,01 000ETM3645GAdd to quote
M36,010,050,01 000ETM3650GAdd to quote
M36,010,055,01 000ETM3655GAdd to quote
M36,010,060,01 000ETM3660GAdd to quote
M48,0L5,01 000ETM485GAdd to quote
M48,0L6,01 000ETM486GAdd to quote
M48,0L8,01 000ETM488GAdd to quote
M48,0L10,01 000ETM4810GAdd to quote
M48,0L12,01 000ETM4812GAdd to quote
M48,0L15,01 000ETM4815GAdd to quote
M48,0L18,01 000ETM4818GAdd to quote
M48,0L20,01 000ETM4820GAdd to quote
M48,010,025,01 000ETM4825GAdd to quote
M48,010,030,01 000ETM4830GAdd to quote
M48,010,035,01 000ETM4835GAdd to quote
M48,010,040,01 000ETM4840GAdd to quote
M48,010,045,01 000ETM4845GAdd to quote
M48,010,050,01 000ETM4850GAdd to quote
M48,010,055,01 000ETM4855GAdd to quote
M48,010,060,01 000ETM4860GAdd to quote
M510,0L5,01 000ETM5105GAdd to quote
M510,0L6,01 000ETM5106GAdd to quote
M510,0L8,01 000ETM5108GAdd to quote
M510,0L10,01 000ETM51010GAdd to quote
M510,0L12,01 000ETM51012GAdd to quote
M510,0L15,01 000ETM51015GAdd to quote
M510,0L18,01 000ETM51018GAdd to quote
M510,0L20,01 000ETM51020GAdd to quote
M510,010,025,01 000ETM51025GAdd to quote
M510,010,030,01 000ETM51030GAdd to quote
M510,010,035,01 000ETM51035GAdd to quote
M510,010,040,01 000ETM51040GAdd to quote
M510,010,045,01 000ETM51045GAdd to quote
M510,010,050,01 000ETM51050GAdd to quote
M510,010,055,01 000ETM51055GAdd to quote
M510,010,060,01 000ETM51060GAdd to quote

The spacer allows a constant gap between 2 components.

It is insulating and absorbs vibrations.

It is heat resistant and can withstand variations in temperature from - 30°C to + 110°C.

Materials / Colours

Standard : natural POM

Materials on request : nylon, white PTFE.

Minimum quantity on request.