Metric hex tapped spacers M2 to M6

Standard : black nylon glass filled

Metric hex tapped spacers M2 to M6
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M25,0= L5,01 000ETM255BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,0= L6,01 000ETM256BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,0= L7,01 000ETM257BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,0= L8,01 000ETM258BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,0= L9,01 000ETM259BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,0= L10,01 000ETM2510BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,0= L11,01 000ETM2511BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,0= L12,01 000ETM2512BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,0= L13,01 000ETM2513BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,0= L14,01 000ETM2514BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,07,015,01 000ETM2515BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,07,516,01 000ETM2516BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,08,017,01 000ETM2517BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,08,518,01 000ETM2518BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,09,019,01 000ETM2519BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,09,520,01 000ETM2520BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,010,021,01 000ETM2521BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,010,022,01 000ETM2522BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,010,023,01 000ETM2523BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,010,024,01 000ETM2524BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,010,025,01 000ETM2525BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,010,026,01 000ETM2526BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,010,027,01 000ETM2527BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,010,028,01 000ETM2528BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,010,029,01 000ETM2529BV25HEXAdd to quote
M25,010,030,01 000ETM2530BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,0= L5,01 000ETM2.555BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,0= L6,01 000ETM2.556BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,0= L7,01 000ETM2.557BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,0= L8,01 000ETM2.558BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,0= L9,01 000ETM2.559BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,0= L10,01 000ETM2.5510BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,0= L11,01 000ETM2.5511BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,0= L12,01 000ETM2.5512BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,0= L13,01 000ETM2.5513BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,0= L14,01 000ETM2.5514BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,07,015,01 000ETM2.5515BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,07,516,01 000ETM2.5516BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,08,017,01 000ETM2.5517BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,08,518,01 000ETM2.5518BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,09,019,01 000ETM2.5519BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,09,520,01 000ETM2.5520BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,010,021,01 000ETM2.5521BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,010,022,01 000ETM2.5522BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,010,023,01 000ETM2.5523BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,010,024,01 000ETM2.5524BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,010,025,01 000ETM2.5525BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,010,026,01 000ETM2.5526BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,010,027,01 000ETM2.5527BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,010,028,01 000ETM2.5528BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,010,029,01 000ETM2.5529BV25HEXAdd to quote
M2,55,010,030,01 000ETM2.5530BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,0= L3,01 000ETM363BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,0= L4,01 000ETM364BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,0= L5,01 000ETM365BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,0= L6,01 000ETM366BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,0= L7,01 000ETM367BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,0= L8,01 000ETM368BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,0= L9,01 000ETM369BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,0= L10,01 000ETM3610BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,0= L11,01 000ETM3611BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,0= L12,01 000ETM3612BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,0= L13,01 000ETM3613BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,0= L14,01 000ETM3614BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,0= L15,01 000ETM3615BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,07,516,01 000ETM3616BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,08,017,01 000ETM3617BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,08,518,01 000ETM3618BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,09,019,01 000ETM3619BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,09,520,01 000ETM3620BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,021,01 000ETM3621BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,022,01 000ETM3622BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,023,01 000ETM3623BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,024,01 000ETM3624BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,025,01 000ETM3625BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,026,01 000ETM3626BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,027,01 000ETM3627BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,028,01 000ETM3628BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,029,01 000ETM3629BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,030,01 000ETM3630BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,031,01 000ETM3631BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,032,01 000ETM3632BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,033,01 000ETM3633BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,034,01 000ETM3634BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,035,01 000ETM3635BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,036,01 000ETM3636BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,037,01 000ETM3637BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,038,01 000ETM3638BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,039,01 000ETM3639BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,040,01 000ETM3640BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,041,01 000ETM3641BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,042,01 000ETM3642BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,043,01 000ETM3643BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,044,01 000ETM3644BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,045,01 000ETM3645BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,046,01 000ETM3646BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,047,01 000ETM3647BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,048,01 000ETM3648BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,049,01 000ETM3649BV25HEXAdd to quote
M36,010,050,01 000ETM3650BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,0= L5,01 000ETM485BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,0= L6,01 000ETM486BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,0= L7,01 000ETM487BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,0= L8,01 000ETM488BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,0= L9,01 000ETM489BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,0= L10,01 000ETM4810BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,0= L11,01 000ETM4811BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,0= L12,01 000ETM4812BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,0= L13,01 000ETM4813BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,0= L14,01 000ETM4814BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,0= L15,01 000ETM4815BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,0= L16,01 000ETM4816BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,0= L17,01 000ETM4817BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,0= L18,01 000ETM4818BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,0= L19,01 000ETM4819BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,0= L20,01 000ETM4820BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,021,01 000ETM4821BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,022,01 000ETM4822BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,023,01 000ETM4823BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,024,01 000ETM4824BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,025,01 000ETM4825BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,026,01 000ETM4826BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,027,01 000ETM4827BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,028,01 000ETM4828BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,029,01 000ETM4829BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,030,01 000ETM4830BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,031,01 000ETM4831BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,032,01 000ETM4832BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,033,01 000ETM4833BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,034,01 000ETM4834BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,035,01 000ETM4835BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,036,01 000ETM4836BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,037,01 000ETM4837BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,038,01 000ETM4838BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,039,01 000ETM4839BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,040,01 000ETM4840BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,041,01 000ETM4841BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,042,01 000ETM4842BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,043,01 000ETM4843BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,044,01 000ETM4844BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,045,01 000ETM4845BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,046,01 000ETM4846BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,047,01 000ETM4847BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,048,01 000ETM4848BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,049,01 000ETM4849BV25HEXAdd to quote
M48,010,050,01 000ETM4850BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,0= L5,01 000ETM5105BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,0= L6,01 000ETM5106BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,0= L7,01 000ETM5107BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,0= L8,01 000ETM5108BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,0= L9,01 000ETM5109BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,0= L10,01 000ETM51010BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,0= L11,01 000ETM51011BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,0= L12,01 000ETM51012BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,0= L13,01 000ETM51013BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,0= L14,01 000ETM51014BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,0= L15,01 000ETM51015BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,0= L16,01 000ETM51016BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,0= L17,01 000ETM51017BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,0= L18,01 000ETM51018BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,0= L19,01 000ETM51019BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,0= L20,01 000ETM51020BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,021,01 000ETM51021BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,022,01 000ETM51022BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,023,01 000ETM51023BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,024,01 000ETM51024BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,025,01 000ETM51025BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,026,01 000ETM51026BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,027,01 000ETM51027BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,028,01 000ETM51028BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,029,01 000ETM51029BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,030,01 000ETM51030BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,031,01 000ETM51031BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,032,01 000ETM51032BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,033,01 000ETM51033BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,034,01 000ETM51034BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,035,01 000ETM51035BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,036,01 000ETM51036BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,037,01 000ETM51037BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,038,01 000ETM51038BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,039,01 000ETM51039BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,040,01 000ETM51040BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,041,01 000ETM51041BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,042,01 000ETM51042BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,043,01 000ETM51043BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,044,01 000ETM51044BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,045,01 000ETM51045BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,046,01 000ETM51046BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,047,01 000ETM51047BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,048,01 000ETM51048BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,049,01 000ETM51049BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,050,01 000ETM51050BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,051,01 000ETM51051BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,052,01 000ETM51052BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,053,01 000ETM51053BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,054,01 000ETM51054BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,055,01 000ETM51055BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,056,01 000ETM51056BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,057,01 000ETM51057BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,058,01 000ETM51058BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,059,01 000ETM51059BV25HEXAdd to quote
M510,010,060,01 000ETM51060BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,0=L4,01 000ETM6104BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,0=L5,01 000ETM6105BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,0=L6,01 000ETM6106BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,0=L7,01 000ETM6107BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,0=L8,01 000ETM6108BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,0=L9,01 000ETM6109BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,0=L10,01 000ETM61010BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,0=L11,01 000ETM61011BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,0=L12,01 000ETM61012BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,0=L13,01 000ETM61013BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,0=L14,01 000ETM61014BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,0=L15,01 000ETM61015BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,0=L16,01 000ETM61016BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,0=L17,01 000ETM61017BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,0=L18,01 000ETM61018BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,0=L19,01 000ETM61019BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,0=L20,01 000ETM61020BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,021,01 000ETM61021BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,022,01 000ETM61022BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,023,01 000ETM61023BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,024,01 000ETM61024BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,025,01 000ETM61025BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,026,01 000ETM61026BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,027,01 000ETM61027BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,028,01 000ETM61028BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,029,01 000ETM61029BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,030,01 000ETM61030BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,031,01 000ETM61031BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,032,01 000ETM61032BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,033,01 000ETM61033BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,034,01 000ETM61034BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,035,01 000ETM61035BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,036,01 000ETM61036BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,037,01 000ETM61037BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,038,01 000ETM61038BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,039,01 000ETM61039BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,040,01 000ETM61040BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,041,01 000ETM61041BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,042,01 000ETM61042BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,043,01 000ETM61043BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,044,01 000ETM61044BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,045,01 000ETM61045BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,046,01 000ETM61046BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,047,01 000ETM61047BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,048,01 000ETM61048BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,049,01 000ETM61049BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,050,01 000ETM61050BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,051,01 000ETM61051BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,052,01 000ETM61052BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,053,01 000ETM61053BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,054,01 000ETM61054BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,055,01 000ETM61055BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,056,01 000ETM61056BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,057,01 000ETM61057BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,058,01 000ETM61058BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,059,01 000ETM61059BV25HEXAdd to quote
M610,010,060,01 000ETM61060BV25HEXAdd to quote

The spacers allows a constant gap between 2 components.

It is insulating and absorbs vibrations.

It is heat resistant and can withstand variations in temperature from - 30°C to + 110°C.

Materials / Colours

Standard : black nylon glass filled

Colours on request : natural, blue, green, red, yellow…

Minimum quantity on request.