Locating washers

Standard : PE red, yellow, blue

Locating washers
Locating washers
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5,310,02,011 000PE53100TAdd to quote
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6,412,51,611 000PE64125TAdd to quote
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13,024,02,51500PE130240TAdd to quote
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13,024,02,53500PE130240SAdd to quote

Locating washers are manufactured in three different colours so that you can quickly identify the regular maintenance periods on machines :

1 = red washer = daily lubrication

2 = yellow washer= weekly lubrication

3 = blue washer = monthly lubrication

Materials / Colours

Standard : PE red (RAL 3020), yellow (RAL 1018), blue (RAL 5015)

Materials on request : Nylon, PP, POM, … 

Minimum quantity on request.

Colours on request : green, orange, beige…

Minimum quantity on request.

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