Knurled thumb screw BPF 83

Standard : black nylon / insert : zinc-plated steel

Knurled thumb screw BPF 83
Knurled thumb screw BPF 83
of sale
Ref. (Zinc-plated steel)Quote request
M382 500BPF8338BazAdd to quote
M3102 500BPF83310BazAdd to quote
M3122 500BPF83312BazAdd to quote
M3162 500BPF83316BazAdd to quote
M3182 500BPF83318BazAdd to quote
M3202 500BPF83320BazAdd to quote
M482 500BPF8348BazAdd to quote
M4102 500BPF83410BazAdd to quote
M4122 500BPF83412BazAdd to quote
M4162 500BPF83416BazAdd to quote
M4182 500BPF83418BazAdd to quote
M4202 500BPF83420BazAdd to quote
M4252 500BPF83425BazAdd to quote
M4302 500BPF83430BazAdd to quote
M5102 500BPF83510BazAdd to quote
M5122 500BPF83512BazAdd to quote
M5162 500BPF83516BazAdd to quote
M5182 500BPF83518BazAdd to quote
M5202 500BPF83520BazAdd to quote
M5252 500BPF83525BazAdd to quote
M5302 500BPF83530BazAdd to quote
M5352 500BPF83535BazAdd to quote
M5402 500BPF83540BazAdd to quote

Knurled thumb screw M6 on request.

For this screw in all Nylon, please refer to chapter "Screws".

Materials / Colours

Standard : black nylon / insert : zinc-plated steel

On request : insert : stainless steel or brass.

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