Knurled thumb nuts form A

Standard : white nylon

Knurled thumb nuts form A
of sale
Ref.Quote request
M312,08,53,55,01 0002503CAdd to quote
M312,07,03,57,01 0003503CAdd to quote
M412,07,03,57,01 0003504CAdd to quote
M414,08,53,55,01 0002514CAdd to quote
M416,010,04,56,01 0002504CAdd to quote
M416,09,54,58,01 00035041CAdd to quote
M420,010,06,07,51 00025041CAdd to quote
M514,08,83,57,01 0003515CAdd to quote
M516,010,04,56,01 0002505CAdd to quote
M516,09,54,58,01 0003505CAdd to quote
M519,010,06,07,51 00025051CAdd to quote
M519,013,06,011,01 00035051CAdd to quote
M616,010,04,56,01 0002506CAdd to quote
M616,09,54,58,01 0003506CAdd to quote
M619,010,06,07,51 00025061CAdd to quote
M620,013,06,011,01 00035061CAdd to quote
M824,013,06,07,51 0002508CAdd to quote

Light and rustproof.

Good mechanical properties.

Resists temperature from - 30°C to + 100°C.

Materials / Colours

Standard : white nylon

Colours on request : black, natural, red, grey, blue, yellow.

Colours : see RAL colour chart.

Minimum quantity on request.


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