Knurled handwheel BPF 640 (male)

Standard : black Nylon / insert : zinc-plated steel

Knurled handwheel BPF 640 (male)
Knurled handwheel BPF 640 (male)
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Ref. (Zinc-plated steel)Quote request
M82016100BPF640820BazAdd to quote
M82521100BPF640825BazAdd to quote
M83026100BPF640830BazAdd to quote
M83531100BPF640835BazAdd to quote
M84036100BPF640840BazAdd to quote
M84541100BPF640845BazAdd to quote
M85046100BPF640850BazAdd to quote
M86056100BPF640860BazAdd to quote
M102016100BPF6401020BazAdd to quote
M102521100BPF6401025BazAdd to quote
M103026100BPF6401030BazAdd to quote
M103531100BPF6401035BazAdd to quote
M104036100BPF6401040BazAdd to quote
M104541100BPF6401045BazAdd to quote
M105046100BPF6401050BazAdd to quote
M106056100BPF6401060BazAdd to quote
M122016100BPF6401220BazAdd to quote
M122521100BPF6401225BazAdd to quote
M123026100BPF6401230BazAdd to quote
M123531100BPF6401235BazAdd to quote
M124036100BPF6401240BazAdd to quote
M124541100BPF6401245BazAdd to quote
M125046100BPF6401250BazAdd to quote
M126056100BPF6401260BazAdd to quote

We recommend a lock nut for this knurled handwheel if fully tightening down to the end of the screw.

Other lengths on request.

Tolerance “l” : +/- 1 mm.

"l" = usable length

Materials / Colours

Standard : black Nylon / insert : zinc-plated steel

Insert material options, on request : Aluminium, Titanium,  Nylon, Stainless steel, Brass.


Colour options, on request : see RAL colour chart.

Minimum quantity on request.

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