Holding washers

Standard : Natural Polyamid 6.6

Holding washers
Holding washers
of sale
Ref.Quote request
M3  2,43,97,01,01 000RM3ANAdd to quote
M4  3,45,09,01,01 000RM4ANAdd to quote
M4  3,84,612,02,010 000RMS4A*Add to quote
M5  4,57,010,01,01 000RM5ANAdd to quote
M6  5,59,012,51,51 000RM6ANAdd to quote
M8  7,011,016,01,51 000RM8ANAdd to quote
M8  7,111,018,01,51 000RM8/1AAdd to quote
M8**7,111,018,01,51 000RM8/1BAdd to quote
M109,013,017,31,51 000RM10/1AAdd to quote

Used for preliminary mounting of screws and bolts with no risk of loss.

Allows easy assembly.

Vibrations are absorbed.

*RMS4A: The inner contour of the washer does not correspond to the drawing. 

**RM8/1B: Special price!

Materials / Colours

Standard : natural Polyamid 6.6

Materials on request : PE, PP, POM…

Minimum quantity on request.


Colours : see RAL colour chart.

Minimum quantity on request.





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