Hex flat nuts

Standard : black nylon

Hex flat nuts
Hex flat nuts
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M6 x 0,758,02,31 000EHP6075BAdd to quote
M8 x 0,7512,02,51 000EHP8075BAdd to quote
M8 x 113,04,01 000EHP81BAdd to quote
M1014,02,81 000EHP10BAdd to quote
M10 x 0,7514,02,71 000EHP10075BAdd to quote
M10 x 114,03,01 000EHP101BAdd to quote
M10 x 114,06,01 000EHP101BEP6Add to quote
M12 x 117,04,41 000EHP121BAdd to quote
M12 x 116,05,01 000EHP121BEP5Add to quote
M12 x 1,517,05,2100CEM1205Add to quote
M13 x 117,04,3500EHP131BAdd to quote
M14 x 122,05,4500EHP141BAdd to quote
M14 x 1,522,04,0500EHP1415BAdd to quote
M15 x 118,03,0500EHP151BAdd to quote
M16 x 124,04,3500EHP161BAdd to quote
M16 x 1,519,04,4500EHP161,5BEP4Add to quote
M16 x 1,522,05,0100CEM1605Add to quote
M16 x 224,08,0500EHP16BAdd to quote
M18 x 124,04,3500EHP181BAdd to quote
M18 x 1,524,04,5500EHP1815BAdd to quote
M18 x 1,525,04,5500EHP1815BCLE25Add to quote
M20 x 1,527,08,0250EHP2015BAdd to quote
M20 x 1,526,06,0100CEM2005Add to quote
M22 x 125,04,5250EHP221BAdd to quote
M22 x 1,525,04,6250EHP2215BAdd to quote
M24 x 1,530,07,0250EHP2415BAdd to quote
M30 x 1,536,05,0250EHP3015BAdd to quote
M32 x 1,541,07,0100CEM3205Add to quote
M40 x 1,550,07,0100CEM4005Add to quote

Light and rustproof.

Good mechanical properties.

Temperature resistant from - 30°C to + 100°C.

All model CEM are in standard in black nylon + 30% glass filled.

Materials / Colours

Standard : black nylon

Standard for CEM: black nylon + 30% glassfilled

Material on request : POM

Minimum quantity on request.

Colours on request : grey, red, blue, black.

Colours : see RAL colour chart

Minimum quantity on request.

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