Flat anti - loss washers

Standard : natural nylon

Flat anti - loss washers
Flat anti - loss washers
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M54,310,00,51 00080550100AAdd to quote
M54,310,00,810 00080550108AAdd to quote
--4,310,01,010 00080550110AAdd to quote
M54,312,00,51 00080551100AAdd to quote
M54,312,00,810 00080551108AAdd to quote
--4,312,01,010 00080551110AAdd to quote
M65,112,00,51 00080560100AAdd to quote
M65,112,00,810 00080560108AAdd to quote
--5,112,01,010 00080560110AAdd to quote
M86,214,00,51 00080590100AAdd to quote
M86,214,00,810 00080590108AAdd to quote
--6,214,01,010 00080590110AAdd to quote
M86,918,50,51 00080580100AAdd to quote
M86,918,50,810 00080580108AAdd to quote
M108,420,00,51 00080599100AAdd to quote
M108,420,00,810 00080599108AAdd to quote
M108,420,01,010 00080599110AAdd to quote
M108,621,80,51 00080598100AAdd to quote
M108,621,80,810 00080598108AAdd to quote
M129,820,00,51 00080514400AAdd to quote
M129,820,00,810 00080514408AAdd to quote
M129,820,01,010 00080514410AAdd to quote
M1613,528,00,51 00080516000AAdd to quote
M1613,528,00,810 00080516008AAdd to quote
M1613,528,01,010 00080516010AAdd to quote

Used for preliminary mounting of screws and bolts with no risk of loss.

Allows ease of assembly.

Vibrations are absorbed.

Other dimensions on request.


Materials / Colours

Standard : natural nylon

Materials on request : PE, PP, POM.

Minimum quantity on request.


Colour on request : black

Minimum quantity on request.

For this product range, the RAL colours are not available.

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